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Can a Public defender help.Chances of asking for a reduced charge.Reckless Driving ? Bac 08 I am pretty sure.
You should speak with an experienced DUI attorney in NH before making any decisions on pleading guilty. If you want to...
I received a letter from the State of NH to the arresting officer, explaining that he took to long to do the paperwork for an Administrative License Suspension(ALS) and that the case can still go ahead. I know I will get a guilty verdict for a DWI, (90 days loss of license). Normally a 6 month ALS is handed out for refusal, except this letter makes me believe that I may not lose my license for the extra 6 months due to the officer's tardiness.Can you please tell me how long the officer has to notify the state of the refusal before it has to be dismissed? I was arrested on 2-28. The only paperwork I received was the bail papers, that had a docket #. When I went to court on 3-20, I was given a complaint with no docket # and the officer dated it 3-11. Please help me. RSA 263:96 RSA 265:91-a
The officer has 10 days to mail the ALS to the dept. of safety. Either way you need to file an appeal in the event your...
I am the owner and operator and i'm usually alone, so I need to know, if when I get ready for the night that I can then legally consume alcohol. Boat length 28feet, lower deck sleeps 3, approved toilet, has kitchen. And it's a Sailboat. thanks. And yes, this is obviously done while the boat is secured to a solid location and at rest.
I believe that this might be an admiralty question and under federal law. Is it a houseboat? Is this a criminal question?
Will a DWI conviction make licensing of a massage therapist difficult or prohibitive to the following states? This is a first offense non aggravated no prior convictions of any sort. South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington State, Louisiana.
Relax, I'm not answering your question, but I have one for you. Why on a first offense DWI would you be expecting a...
She was pulled over for being on the wrong side of the road on a rotary. Does she have any reason to try to fight it or just try for Wet reckless. They also suspended her liscence in NH. Does that mean her liscence is suspended in MA where she lives. It was last Thursday and she has not gotten any correspondence from NH as of yet. Thanks for your help.
Yes, your daughter has a reason to "fight" the DUI charge. The biggest reason is to try to avoid a DUI conviction and...
I have received conflicting information from lawyers in NH about a declassified DWI which becomes a violation showing up on your permanent background check. 2 Lawyers said it wont show up because a violation is not a crime, another said yes it will it will just DWI- violation. What is the correct answer?
It shows up. Having it reduced to a violation gives you the ability to tell employers you have never been convicted of...
I have an OUI conviction in MA. I also have an aggravated OUI conviction in NH. It's aggravated because the breathalyzer was more than double the allowable limit. I believe these are both first offenses. It has been more than 12 years since these happened. There is a question on the FFL application I am unsure how to answer. It reads: Have you ever been convicted of a felony or any other crime for which the judge could have imprisoned you for more than one year, even if you received a shorter sentence, including probation? There is a note underneath which states: You may answer no if (a) if you have been pardoned or (b) the conviction has been expunged or set aside.
You need to know if the charges you have on your record are misdemeanor or felony. Typically, even aggravated DUI/OUI...