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How will Ohio affect sc
You should expect a DUI 2d charge and maybe a DUI 3d if your first DUI was within the last 10 years. You're facing...
If I am convicted of a DWI with BAC of 0.16% in North Carolina but reside in South Carolina, will I have to have an interlock device installed on my car?
South Carolina drivers are required to get an interlock installed for all DUI convictions. So, yeah, almost certainly...
he is looking for any lawyer who can get him his license he can give all legal paper which got from U visa
I added and immigration tag. Maybe an immigration attorney may know.
His trail keeps getting reset, but we have various places to go in the next few months, can he leave the state of SC? His bail was paid in full with cash, or credit, I forget which one though. But we did not use a bail bond
This is an excellent question for his defense counsel. He or she will know the restrictions placed on your friend by...
Miss second Roll call Date For General Sessions
You need to have your attorney call the prosecutor immediately. If you don't have an attorney you need to find one...
I did not purchase alcohol, did not transport alcohol, i did consume alcohol. I was given a Portable PBT test but not a breathalizer test. I was told that a PBT is not enough to get a conviction of an underage, but does the same go for a purchase of alcohol by a minor charge? I was going to plead not Guilty, but now that its a purchase of alcohol by a minor charge I'm curious as to whether or not that same loop whole would still be helpful in trying to fight this case.
Underage buying and underage consumption of alcohol are 2 different things.
He is also being held on a dus charge.
The bond is based on danger to the community and flight risk. DUI second offense is a "General sessions" level...