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I was driving and got pulled over in Hanover and they found two pipes on me which were both pretty much cleaned, had a little bit of residue from synthetics in them plus and empty jar of nothing. About three months later I was found with another bowl in my car that I didn't even know was there. Both being simple paraphernalia charges, and me having no prior record I was jus wondering what I could be looking at, some people say jail some say probation some say fines. The worst part is, I was quitting the stuff at the time of the stops to join the marines. So I just want to know if I am going to jail, for how long?
What you need is a criminal defense attorney to represent you.
I got an underage DUI and am planning to apply to ARD. However I cannot apply for it until me preliminary hearing. However when I checked on the district attorneys website it said that you must complete your CRN three weeks within your preliminary hearing. Does that mean after the preliminary I have three weeks to get my CRN or three weeks before the preliminary hearing?
It means 3 weeks after your preliminary hearing. Getting accepted onto ARD in York County is a very specific process,...
I am 20 years old and was stopped at a check point and got my blood taken and had to do a breathalyzer. I thought they said it was 1.13 but I am pretty sure that would be deadly... so maybe it was .113 or something. But this is my first offense and the only other trouble I have ever gotten into was a speeding ticket while on my provisional. It was just me in the car and I caused no harm to anyone or myself and caused no damage of property.
It's good your not 1.3 yes you would have been dead. Before you talk about expungement you need to see the best way to...
I have been taking classes at community college and was planning on applying to PSU for the RN program but am getting different information as to if my background will prevent me from taking my boards. I have a total of 3 DUIs, the last 2 were sentenced togeather on 10/31/12. The RN program is a two year program and I wouldn't be starting until fall of 2014, so some time will have passed by the time I take my boards.
If I where you I would check what the actual requirements are to sit for this exam and what could possibly exclude you...
I have had 3 DUIs. I am currently finishing my parole sentence. Once I have completed that what are the chances of having all or any of of the DUIs expunged from my criminal record? I am hoping to apply to nursing school but can not do so with more than one DUI in the past 5 years on my criminal background. I do understand that this will have no bearing on my record with PennDot.
A conviction for a DUI cannot be expunged. However, if you were placed in ARD which is a first time offenders program,...
I had multiple DUIs and served my minimum sentence of 123 days at the county work release facility. I now have several years (3 I believe) of county parole. I need to pay off my fines and complete the alcohol/driving education class, I have finished all other requirements. I met with my parole officer for the first time this week and she has me set up for meeting with her only every 2 months. In Lehigh County PA is there a possibility of asking the judge to end my parole early if I complete everything & demonstrate excellent behavior?
There is always the possibility of an early termination but it is unlikely that you will get it early in the parole/...
I have gone through an alternative pre-adjudication program for my first underage drinking conviction. I recently have gotten another underage offense will this next offense be charged as a second offense or will it count as my first offense? It was a year and two days separating the the program I went through and the second violation.
Speak with a PA attorney ASAP!