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Back in 2007 I was charged with a DWI in Minnesota. It's kind of a tricky story and I ended up getting sentenced with Careless driving. No ONE told me to appeal the MN department of transportation for the revocation of my license. So since they are separate I still have a DWI on my license, but not on my record. Too bad I was young and naive and didn't know that because a few weeks ago I got another DWI and blew a .20. They forfeited my vehicle since this is my supposed 2nd DWI within ten years. What are the chances, if I appealed the forfeited vehicle, of me getting it back? The vehicle is only worth about $2500. Or would it just be easier to try it back at auction?
You might consider hiring an attorney to defend you on the present charge; it is serious, and to correct the record.
i was convicted of 3 DUI,s in 1998 2000 2002 then put on IPS status in order to get my DL back
Usually, not. The DWI criminal convictions as well as the associated administrative drivers license revocations would...
i need advice
While I don't practice in Minnesota, this appears excessive unless you have had prior DUI cases.
I got pulled over and i was caught with about a gram of pot. the officer ask me a few questions about me being high. i told him i had smoked some earlier that was it. He told me there is gonna be a guy calling me the next day. the guy calls me and told me that if i don't talk he's gonna charge me with a dui. Can he do that? The officer never gave me a ticket or nothing ge just let me off and took my pot.
Do not speak with anyone about this. Oftentimes, they will promise not to prosecute if you "talk" and then they use...
Since I have a felon on my record, it keeps me from doing many things, (certain jobs, travel, etc) Can it possisbly be reduced to a gross misdemeanor, or in some way taken off my record? I live in MN now. The felony DUI was in FL in 2007. All probation ended 2 yrs ago. No violations during probation or since then.
You should probably post this in the FL DWI section.
Its not a felony DUI. I just want to move as far as I can so I don't get in anymore trouble. To many bad influences around here. My wife and I just want a fresh start. Also what would happen if I made the move without permission from my PO? I have permission from the judge to leave state for work. Because my job requires me to leave for long periods of time. But I don't know if that allows me to move altogether.
Whatever you do...do not leave the state without permission from your probation officer. Generally, if you want to...
I am about to be sentenced on my second DUI in 6 years. (2 days jail, 28 days EHM). Because of the DUI (second) I will be going to court for a probation violation. Will the DUI time I serve now count against time for the probation violation? My first DUI was 5 years 8 months before my Second. My probation is from a drug felony charge in 2001. So, I am wondering if the time I serve on this DUI will count toward the sentence for the Probation Violation. ?? DUI was Stearns County. I am on probation in Anoka County, The original offense the probation is for is out of Wright County. Thank you for your time.
It's altogether possible that it would count towards probation violation. I'd consult with your attorney to see if...