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  • Quadruple Fatal Hamtramck House Fire Not Arson, Chie...

    Wednesday Mar 11 | via CBS Local 

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  • Hamtramck fire investigators: No arson in deadly Yem...

    Wednesday Mar 11 | via ClickOnDetroit 

    Fire investigators say there is no evidence of arson in a Feb. 17 house fire which killed a Hamtramck couple and their two sons at their home on Yemans Street. A Wednesday news release from the Hamtramck Fire Department says while the exact source and cause of the fire "cannot be ascertained ... there is no evidence or indication of a deliberately set fire."


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Hamtramck Law

In Michigan if you get caught for the second time driving with a suspended license, is it likely that you pay jail time?
In Michigan if you get caught for the second time driving with a suspended license, is it likely that you pay jail time? Can you plead guilty and pay off charges and/or do community service?
First, you should consult with a criminal defense attorney. They can help you. The answer to your question depends on...
How bad would dui look to an employer compared
To other charges such as theft, fraud, assault or simple possession. I have a dui under controlled substance charge. I do qualify for a diversion program and will be able to expunge it in a year but in the time being how bad will a misdeameanor charge (not conviction) look to an employer?
It is going to depend on the employer. Generally, felonies are worse than misdemeanors and convictions are worse than...
OWI Forfeiture/Nuisance Abatement Trying to decide whether to pay $900 to have my vehicle released or to contest.2nd accusation.
This document says I can pay $900 or contest. The no brainer says I should contest. However, if I lose my OWI hearing, seems like I will also lose my car. I am very confident that I drank within the legal limit....but what if this...? what if that...? what if the judge...? what if the cop says...? Is this black and white? Either pay up or lose my case and my vehicle due to a 2nd possible OWI?
This is a situation where a direct consultation with qualified counsel will be of great assistance to you (and you're...
Michigan OWI. Refused breathilizer and blood test. Wrong driver's license # on search warrant for blood. Throw it out?
2 officers observed me perform dexterity sobriety texts, then 1 asked that I take the Breathilizer. I refused and was put in handcuffs. As 1 officer cuffed me, the observing officer proceeded to tell him it was the wrong thing to do (just thought that was interesting). I refused a blood draw, then asked to speak with my pastor (religious reasons) and lawyer beforehand. This was refused. A review of the search warrant for my blood reveals an incorrect driver's license number, an incorrect vehicle description (wrong color, which is funny considering I was stopped for being accused of running a red light) and a claim that I was advised my rights for a chemical test, NOT that I refused. If I never refused, why the need for a warrant? Just my thought.....
Refusal can be express or implied. Unfortunately many officers interpret nonresponsiveness or indecision as refusal....
How does a Canadian Citizen find out if there is a warrant out for themselves in the US.
DWI in Michigan and was not able to attend court because of travel conflicts.
What particular District Court/city/municipality did you get arrested in? (if you were issued a ticket by the officer,...
How do I get my license back it was suspended in mi for 2DUI I now live in california?
I got my license suspended at age 18 from 2 DUIs both were under the legal limit but I was under age so I got the DUIs .. Since then I have gotten 3 driving on suspended (in the past 9 years) I moved to california a year and a half ago and cleaned up my life and now need my license to transport my daughter to and from school so I need to start the process. I also have a pending case that I never went to court for (driving on suspended) . I am trying to fill out the packet that the Secretary of State provides to apply to get my license back and it's asking for specific dates of my criminal history (I do not know specific dates) so I may need a criminal docate. Where do I even start?
Step one: order your 7-year driving record from the Michigan Sec of State (costs about $8). Step two: after you get...
My license is revoked can a lawyer help me get them back?
I have to take classes and submit letters which will rake 6 months to a year. I need my restricted license to go to work. Can a lawyer help me get them sooner through the Secretary of State?
You need to speak with an attorney who handles license restorations on a regular basis, who can explain the whole...