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In Michigan if you get caught for the second time driving with a suspended license, is it likely that you pay jail time? Can you plead guilty and pay off charges and/or do community service?
First, you should consult with a criminal defense attorney. They can help you. The answer to your question depends on...
my husbend has 10 prior DUI/OWIL charges ranging from 1999-2011 and now was in the process of going to court on a DUI from 2011 then he was picked up a day before his pre-trial on the prior case and is now charged with a 11th DUI which resulted in him missing his pre-trial date, only this time he was charged with a carring a weapon, I am unsure of any bullets being in the gun but I do know he is a felon already for the 3rd time for the DUI/OWIL charges in the past....what type of time is he facing?
More than likely he is facing felony DUI charges and a felony for carrying a concealed weapon, both of which carry...
I am considering taking a plea on my 3rd Owi to an owi 2nd. My attorney is supposed to get back to me by Friday, I am just anxious and I found this site. Can anyone tell me what the probation and license restrictions would be if I pled to an OWI 2nd? Jail time? These are the only criminal charges I have faced....meaning the owi's.
This is a question that will be best answered by your attorney because that person has or should have your unique...
I have been told I can not expunge this offence either I think it is lousy to hold something against someone after so many years. I was a young kid made a stupid mistake. Now I am forced to switch companies with an excellent record for the last 30 years and now I cant get hired in a new company because of it. What can I do about this?
The individual who told you that you cannot set aside your drunk driving conviction is correct. Right or wrong,...
My son was the DJ a his friend's wedding and was over served. He has no memory of the end of the night and he was caught on camera walking off with $150 in silverware from the hall. That was reported to the police and they have turned it over to the prosecutor for charges. He drove away and was involved in a roll over single car accident that resulted in a severe knee injury. There is a chance he will never regain full mobility. His BAC was .12. Does the hall have any liability for over serving a drunk person and can he sue them? Can the charges of theft can be dropped by the hall owner or is that impossible once it has gone to the prosecutor? Perhaps he could send a letter to the hall offering restitution and saying he will not sue them if they drop the theft charges?
Does your son bear any personal responsibility for the fact that he chose to drink and he chose to drive? Although a...
She was swerving into oncoming traffic and almost hit a guard rail. We called the police and followed her to her home. When police got there, she wouldn't speak to them. They told us there was nothing they could do because they didn't witness it. WE WITNESSED IT! Isn't that enough? Is there anything we can do now? I am so worried about the kids!
You could contact the city prosecutor/city attorney for the city in which the incident occurred, and see if they will...
I got the interlock installed here in Michigan in compliance from my dui in Florida, how do I go about getting it removed after my year is up?
You would speak with your provider about having it removed after you obtain clearance from DMV. Hope that's helpful