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I recently came off of unsupervised probation before judgement for a dui from Feb. 2013. Since my pbj was completed successfully, would I have any issues if I were to go purchase a firearm?
Yes especially if it was a felony charge.
I originally got pulled over because of my tints being to dark on my car. But this is the way I bought my car. Where I live you need a car to drive.. if you don't have one you basically don't have a life. I use my car only to go to work. At the time of getting pulled over I was on my way to work. I recently just finished my probation time. and ready to get my license back on may 10th. I need help to stay out of jail. I need to work.. my life depends on it.. HELP!
You need a lawyer. It is unusual to get the maximum sentence (one year in jail and a $1,000.00 fine), but you could...
You matter needs to be investigated by an attorney ASAP
He has been on probation for 14 months with no problems. He has 10 more months.
If one of the conditions of probation is obey all laws, then he likely needs to report it. I am basing my answer on...
My boyfriend sister and mom are patching things up and now the sister and her boyfriend does not want to continue with the prosecution either. It is true everyone was drinking except him so they ant to apologize to the DA about the incident and tell the truth that he did not assault me.
You are the alleged victim. What did YOU tell the police? The State's Attorney Office will decide ultimately...
I am not on parole or probation. I have no other driving offenses since the DUI's.
You will not be able to get a Pennsylvania license lawfully until your revocation is completed and your privilege to...
i blew .12 I AHVE HEARD MANY DIFFERNT THINGS . i have already spoken with a couple lawyers and ad sent my hearing paper in.. can i keep my cdl?
You will have to run the gauntlet in order to keep your CDL. You are facing an adminisrative hearing where the MVA will...