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Owi s and driving and on susupended license.visiting common nusance and poss of meth.which i didnt have nothing on me..
You should speak with a criminal defense attorney about your situation. If you want, you can find some in your area...
I am a florida resident and got the dui while in richmond. I served 16 days in jail there and received 6 months probation. I left richmond and returned home to florida. I don't want this hanging over me, if I return to richmond and turn myself in how much jail time will I do? also, after I do the time will I then be done with this dui charge and be able to return home to florida?
You best bet is to contact an attorney in the Richmond area, explain your situation and what you'd like to have happen,...
I was charged and arrested for a first offense OWI in Indiana not too long ago. I hired a lawyer to help me with the case but he is telling me that without spending between $7,000 and $10,000 I would not be able to hire a toxicologist or have money required to cover the deposition and witness fees to obtain facts to defend my case. A plea bargain was presented that I don't think is fair: jail for 7 days or a three month class, one of which I cannot drive to and from, nor could I redeem my license until after the course is completed. I don't live in the place I was arrested, but an hour away thus making that class pretty much an invalid option. Since jail would be bad, are there no ways to defend oneself without having to be wealthy. I would just like to get the plea to be more reasonable
You should consult an attorney in your jurisdiction to see if you qualify for the appointment of a public defender.
I was driving home a few days back when I was stopped for what the officer said was 'driving through a barricade'. He said there was a tree down across the road from a storm and asked me why I did that. I didn't see a barricade, it was night, and it was pouring rain. This is not a city street where you can take the next street over to go past either, this is a town road where the next detour is miles down the road. Anyways, The officer said he smelled alcohol and had me do the field tests, it's still pouring mind you. I don't want to go into many more details right here, but bottom line I was charged with an OWI, 2 charges actually.
Two charges because they can. You need a local DUI/DWI lawyer, now. You can lose your license before you even get to...
it was my first one I spent the night in jail and bonded out the next day I had a Arkansas driver license at the time sence I was from Arkansas a few months later the judge put me in cook county jail because my lawer did not show for court so I spent 7 days in jail an bonded out again I have done every thing they wanted an still cannot get my license renstated I did with Arkansas but not with Illinois they will not do it I filled out one of those out of state packets but it was diened
Contact an Ill traffic court attorney for advice and guidance.
Back in August of 2014 i received my 3rd dui. I hired an attornery and have only gone to court 1 time since. my case keeps getting contined. my attorney says the cop that pulled me over has not given his dispostion to my case yet after plenty attempts from my attorney, i was supposed to go to court in february and it got contined till april now, what will happen why are the cop and prosecuter not responing im frusted and paying my attorey 4000, will it get dismissed after so my attempts??
Nobody here knows your case like your attorney does. Direct these questions to the attorney you hired. Good luck!
Im involved with dcs and my daughter has been staying with my mother since august of 2014. Im following everything they ask and currently am 6 months pregnant. Im due may 24th of this year. My court date is in april but my lawyer wont work on a new plea deal. My charges are, OWI, OWI with passenger under 18 years of age, Child neglect, and OWI endangering. The only plea deal im offered is 2 years in the Jasper county jail, Ryan and Ryan alcohol classes with a $400 fee, remaining sentence on probation, following what DCS asks me too, and the Matrix program outpatient therapy every week which im doing now. My current attorney is court appointed and isnt doing anything to help. Do you have any suggestions on what i should do?
Congratulations on your impending birth. I am not licensed in Indiana, but it sounds to me like you really ought to...