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Back in April I got a dwi in which i crashed a vehicle which wasn't mine and damaged some property @ blew a reading of .20. I was given a court date by the arresting officer for the following week. I hired an attorney, who put in for a postponement, entered a not guilty plea & requested the discovery. Its been over 5 months later, my attorney still hasn't received the discovery or a court date. He thinks the court may have lost my case. He's just telling me we should keep quiet & see how it goes, but if there's an chance of it getting dismissed due to the lack of providing the discovery, I'd like to get this over with already. I'm just looking for a 2nd opinion, ultimately I'm going to follow my attorneys advice. Thanks
Who needs a house out in Hackensack? Is that all you get for your money? LISTEN to your lawyer. We're not in the...
I am on H1B visa with an approved I-140 on EB-2 (India) with PD Aug 2010. I was arrested on March 1st 2014 for a DUI incident with a BAC of 0.13. Found a DUI attorney on AVVO helping me with this case to reduce the charge to a lesser offense. 1) If I am convicted for DUI or a lesser alcohol related offense and placed on probation and while serving my probation if my PD becomes current, can I file my I-485 application by stating my arrest clearly in the I-485 application? OR 2) If I have to wait until the DUI case is closed prior to filing my I-485, then by the time the DUI case is closed, it is possible for the priority date to retrogress and in which case, I will have to wait until the PD becomes current. Is that correct? 3) If 2 is correct then can I skip filing 485 even with current PD
Generally, ordinary DUI is not a bar to adjustment of status.
All was pro se for 3 months. 2 days before final hearing he hired an attorney who filed a counter-appeal for perm custody. We had a full evaluation this year with our divorce, deeming me the fit parent for residential custody and i do not have money for another attorney as i am paying 1 to fight my dui. Need help. Can they take my son simply bc i was charged with a dui? (fighting it in court) My ex doesnt even have a license bc he has 2 prior dui's. This is wrong.
This issue is far too important to try to resolve on this website and you have not provided enough detail. Consult...
The car is registered to my own business in NJ.
Until the PA DMV suspends your driver's license, you are only suspended in NY state.
I was convicted of a DWI in Oct. My 6 mos suspension was up in Apr, but I still have not attempted to restore my license because I had not attended IDRC class yet. I was originally scheduled in Feb but had to reschedule. The rescheduling date was for May. I knew about the $230 fee because I had talked to the women on the phone about it but she told me that was the only fee. I was looking up what to expect from the class, many things were saying that as a part of the IDRC fee, you have to pay the $100 to the DMV as well. Confused, I tried calling the number, but no one answered. I assumed that I could not attend the class because I still had not paid the $100 yet because there was a letter from the MVC saying I just owed $200. Now I have a letter of noncompliance and don't know what to do.
You need to speak to your attorney ASAP. You need to go to the kerf money or no. See if they will reschedule if not be...
interlock device? see below: Up to 90 days CS (can reduce period of imprisonment) 12–48 hours IDRC* Ignition interlock device during license suspension and 1-3 years following restoration
You cannot drive during your suspension for any reason. It would be an indictable crime to do so and you would be...