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I moved from AL to FL in Sept 2012. I got a DUI in FL with my AL DL in Feb 2013. I hadn't changed my license over yet. I hired a lawyer and had my conviction in August 2012. I lost my license for 12 months in Florida from conviction date, I was eligible for a hardship in November but had to register my car first. I went back to get my hardship in January 2014 but I was told I was placed on the NDR by AL and couldn't get my license until Sept. 2014. I contacted Alabama DMV today (4/3/14), and the person I spoke to told me they could credit me the 6-7 weeks to get my license back but I would need someone to fax them an official statement saying when my license was taken away. My license was taken away when I got the DUI (Feb 2013)... So shouldn't they credit that time from Feb to me?
You should speak with the lawyer that handled your DUI. You may need to hire him/her to help you get your license back...
Was speeding. Asked if I had drinks, I said a couple. Performed field sobriety balance test and pen light test, refused to blow, arrested.
Assuming it is a first offense, and assuming that you do not hold a C.D.L, ordinarily 90 days.
If i didnt blow but failed the field sobriety test ( That was given to me standing on a hill road) but do not have full proof that i was drinking then should i plead guilty or not guilty in court
You should contact an attorney to discuss all the facts of your case. That being said, I would recommend pleading not...
always told my daughter vehicle to be used to commute to college and work only.vehicle registered and insured in my name; daughter on policy as additional driver. I did not give permission for other person to operate vehicle. driver was charged with DUI. one passenger has been in counseling for two years although injuries were minor. I'm hearing now that attorney is filing lawsuit. accident occured 17 JAN 2012. Thank you.
The claim against your daughter would likely be for negligent entrustment (i.e. for entrusting the vehicle to someone...
However, a couple days before your hearing you are charged with A class c felony (third degree burglary). What happens on your bond hearing? Is there a chance they still will reinstate your probation ? If not what alternatives are there??
Up to probation and judge. They can set bond, revoke or alternative sentence.
it's been over 14 years,brother got a PI charge in madison co.ala. and they have a hold in marshell co ala for dui and failure to appear....he's been in madison co. jail for 8 days
They can still bring the case against him. Otherwise people would just run until the time runs. Should be easy to...
Drugs were found in a car i was driving. Already pleaded bot guilty what will happen tomorrow. This js my first offense and i am a college student soon to be graduating
Each court in Alabama is different, but you should expect an offer from the State in exchange for a guilty plea....