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Bf. got caught the 1st time bein intoxicated in may & he just got caught with alcohol in system what will his p.o say
when getting caught with alcohol in system he went to jdc and then he got out today and they said he will have to talk to his p.o on what will happen next
There will likely be a violation of probation warrant if he was convicted. If he hasn't been convicted yet, he may be...
I recieved a DUI (other) for marijuana a year ago. My court date is tomorrow, will I be drug tested oon my court date?
Or will I be tested when probation starts?
Have you been found guilty? Just because you are charged doesn't mean you are guilty. Unless you show signs that you...
Is law enforcement officers taking blood at DUI checkpoints legal?
Wouldn't it violate our constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure? Especially without a warrant. If they do take your blood for a blood alcohol analysis where does their rights to use this end? Can they then submit it for a record to have your DNA on file for future use of any government organization. Is not my blood my personal property? This is going to be a long and legally treacherous road and I want to know my rights when put in this position.
Taking blood at a checkpoint would certainly be flying in the face of the Fourth Amendment, although sobriety...
DUI appeal six years later
Received a letter from attorney that was on the docket of going to court for appeal from 2007. Six years later.
The wheels of justice turn slowly.
What are the chances of going back to prison for a dui
My friend was sentenced illegally for 10 years in la. He served 4 and a half years and was released on parole. Got stopped and was given a dui, driving with suspended license, and resisting arrest, now there is a warrant for his arrest. What can happen now
This is not to be taken lightly - especially the resisting arrest, especially while on parole! He need to immediately...
Can a person who has been given a sobriety/breathalyzer test receive the results of the test before being arrested.
Person was arrested and charged with DUI by a state trooper at a road bloack checkpoint. Sobriety test and breathalyzer was given. Person feels like he passed both test but test results were not revealed by arresting officer.
The state of Mississippi uses the Intoxilyzer 8000 for DUI breath tests.This machine will print a breath test number on...
I have 2 dui's pending court dates. I have a CDL and this is my livelyhood. Is there anyway out of the hole that I've dug?
The machine did not work on the 1st dui so there is really no hard evidence. The 2nd was given to me in a driveway and yes the car was running but i had been idiling for an hour.
You need to hire a lawyer and talk straight with him. If the machine wasn't working on the first how did you get the...