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  • 'Bondage master' businessman Bob Bashara found guilt...

    Thursday Dec 18 | via Daily Mail 

    Bearded 'Boston bomber' Dzhokhar Tsarnaev smiles as he appears in court while one of his female SUPPORTERS is dragged away screaming 'don't kill an innocent boy' Bondage master Bob Bashara found guilty of killing wife to devote himself to life of bondage and domination with upper class suburban women Assault rifle theme park 'Machine Gun America' where children as young as 13 will be able to fire military-grade weapons set to open in Orlando Dad 'let 15-year-old daughter go for a joyride so long as she brought him back a sandwich' - then told cops she took SUV without permission after she crashed and killed three 'He's my hero': Wife of shot weatherman tells how his quick-thinking saved his life as mystery gunman pumped him full of bullets outside TV station Mother-of-four facing up to 17 years in jail after her 2-year-old son shoot dead his sister, 11, with revolver left under a bed ... (more)


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  • Gun-wielding suspect arrested in Park flower shop ro...

    Monday Dec 15 | via C & G Newspapers 

    At press time, Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Chief David Hiller said police arrested a Park man in his 30s on Dec. 14 in connection with the incident. At around 12:30 p.m. Dec. 12, Hiller said the suspect entered a flower shop in the 15000 block of Kercheval - home to the city's popular The Park business district - and ordered flowers.


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  • 2 armed men try robbing people in Grosse Pointe Park

    Saturday Nov 22 | via ClickOnDetroit 

    Police are investigating after two armed men tried to rob two people in the street Saturday in Grosse Pointe Park. It is not an area where some would expect a robbery, but that could be why the thieves are targeting people there.


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  • 2 armed robberies in Grosse Pointes possibly connected

    Nov 17, 2014 | via ClickOnDetroit 



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Grosse Pointe Park Law

I admitted to having been drunk to the arresting officer and submitted to a breath test. 1st offense.
You were sentenced to the lesser included offense of Operating While Visibly Impaired under State Law but you were...
Currently on probation for dui & Subject to random urine testing. No violations. Everything was going smoothly following the requirements. Suddenly get a letter in the mail saying I must attend weekend and holiday breath testing. This was not on my original terms of probation agreement I made between myself, my attorney and the judge. Fast forward, I've missed a few breathe tests. I didn't have time or warning to adjust my llifestyle or work schedule to meet scheduled test times consistently. Ofcourse my p.o could care less and has violated me once for missing, and I'm at risk of a second violation for missing another. I have valid reasons for.missing but they're just excuses to the judge. My question is how can they just amend my original terms without a sanction or previous violation.
If your freedom is valuable to you, it's worth hiring an attorney. There may or may not be a legal challenge available...
i have a DWI 3 years ago and im wondering if i can set it aside in michigan
No. You cannot get a traffic offense expunged per MCL 780.621.
I was arrested for a oui and took two breath test using the datamaster machine. My first results I blew a 0.14 and my second results showed interference detected and had no results. The tests were 4minutes apart according to the printout.
Which each crime charged there will be a police report. We need to scour over what was said in the police report and...
no other issues in arrest ie altercations or drug possession etc
I am not sure what you are asking. It sounds like you are asking how or if you will get your license renewed since you...
My first dui offense in Michigan. I am on probation for a year. I have an interlock device on my car. I just got a letter saying I had a failed test. There is no way I failed this test because I have not drank alcohol. I have had to retake tests from not blowing do I prove this? and am I going to have to serve 90 days and lose my job?
Are they saying you failed the test because it detected alcohol, or because it was not administered properly due to not...
My father in law was arrested for a DUI after a traffic stop. At a hearing, the Judge ruled that he was improperly arrested because Miranda rights were not given. The Judge ordered any and all statements and admissions be not allowed & used against him. The Miranda violation came immediately at the stop & BEFORE he did the tests. He did fine on most of his field tests, but one part looks questionable. Most of the tests were verbal, but one was a walking exercise. Does the sobriety test fall under the Judge's Order that all admissions and statements can't be used at trial? Again, most of the testing was verbal exercises, so it seems to me that they are statements/admissions, plus I read the penalty for Miranda Rights violations is the "Fruit of Poisonous Tree Doctrine".
Field sobriety exercises are not considered to be statements, and are not subject to suppression as a result of the...