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I have alcohol violations within the suspension period. If I request a contested hearing when the DMV denies the request for reduction, how would I go about making sure I can receive the reduction. I am a full time student at university. I have totally changed my ways and just want to get back on the right track. The status was invoked in 2011, it will be 4 years in June of 2015.
The alcohol violations might make you ineligible. Contact a lawyer with experience in this field and bring a copy of...
Son was in car accident in october. He suffered tbi and other injuries. They said he crossed median into other lane and hit another driver who died at scene. While immobile another car hit him. They arrested spn upon release of hospital 4 days later. They had previously told me there was a strong odor of alcohol. The hospital told us they drew blood for authorities at same time they drew theirs and there was not any alcohol in his system. He is now wearing a scram bracelet which we are ok with because he has never really been a drinker anyway. It happened between greenville and greenwood sc.
We are sorry to hear about your issue. You can find a great local lawyer to investigate the situation right here. Avvo...
i will be leaving the states soon, and will be back in january. I was wondering if that charge shows up at customs in the airport
It does, but this is a crime of moral turpitude. Please see
at the time I was a new resident to South Carolina and still possessed A Montana Drivers License. I live in Murrells Inlet and the closest ADSAP is in Georgetown. without a driver's license I did not have a ride nor did I have the finances to complete. also is it legal that they can force me to have to go to just this one establishment for adsap even though it's not a government agency? why can I not pay a private counselor for an assessment?
Because likely, the law states you have to have a specific program.
I have a wet reckless in ca i havent ben able to take care of it due to financial reasions of i move to south Carolina will i need to complete everything out there or will it not show up due to it being another state and them not having that judgement out there
Assume that it will show up. You can't run from things like this. If you haven't completed everything you will have a...
I was followed by a police officer to my house for about 10-15 mins. When I pulled in my yard and cut my car off he put the blue lights on me. I took the breathalyzer test and my bca level was .17 I was charged with DUI .16 or higher 1st offense I was arrested and fined 2,267. I was also charged with driving left of center and no dl and fined 237.00 a piece for those two tickets.
Willingness to pay the ticket isn't a guarantee that you won't face jail time. But I would encourage you to consider...
Parent picks up athlete after practice which coach does not see at the time. Hears a ruckus outside, goes out to see what is going on, parent is intoxicated husband has arrived , child goes inside with coach (13 Year Old) and tells coach parent is drunk and almost killed her in a head on collision. Husband yells the same to coach. Coach lets dad take child home. Drunk mother laying in dirt is finally coaxed inside. Coach takes mother home.. It is known that this parent has a drinking problem. Place of employment (501c-3) never would support coach calling police to handle situation. Mother begs coach not to tell, moral to the story… I am going to pursue this incident and not enable this mother. Administration ignores problem. Not coach!
Depending on state law, the coach may have a legal obligation to report the incident to Child Protective Services,...