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I was charged with a DUI in 2012 but it was declared nolle prossed and I received the order for the destruction of arrest records. My license has been reinstated. The DUI was in South Carolina but I have a Florida license.
Contact the Clerk of Court in the county the DUI happened. I doubt that the DUI was nolle prossed, probably dropped...
Licensed suspended in July 2013 per DWI conviction. License can be reinstated in July 2014. Looking to move to SC for a job in Winter/Spring 2015. Will I have to get SR 22 to have a license in SC, even though it wasn't required in NC?
The general rule is for a restricted license, you'll need an SR22, but the rules could be different in SC
I have a Florida 5 year revocation for driver license. When I obtain a Florida hardship license, are there other states that would allow me to transfer my hardship license to that state? My husband has terminal cancer and I do not want to remain in Florida after his death. I want to relocate to a state where my relatives live, or at least a nearby state.
Without knowing more details, it is hard to say
I was pulled over and blew a 0.07 bac. I thought the limit was 0.08. I'm in Pickens s.c. Can I fight this?
Yes! You need to fight it. In SC, a reading of .08 or above creates an inference that you were impaired. A reading of ....
I need to get a license back for work and to help my mother. No accident or injury involved. I am 55 years old.
Yes, absolutely you need an attorney. There are many procedures that the arresting officer must follow to get a DUI...
I was arrested for a DUI charge 2 years ago. It has been dropped to reckless and the expungment process for the arrest is underway. I am graduating nursing school this month and will be applying for the state boards so I can become registered. I live in South Carolina and will probably apply here but am moving to Virginia so I can apply in either state.
The answer to this question is a tricky one to understand. An "expungement" is simply an order requiring the relevant...
I have four dus's already
Call DMV to inquire. Good luck. Jasen Nielsen