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I have a Florida 5 year revocation for driver license. When I obtain a Florida hardship license, are there other states that would allow me to transfer my hardship license to that state? My husband has terminal cancer and I do not want to remain in Florida after his death. I want to relocate to a state where my relatives live, or at least a nearby state.
Without knowing more details, it is hard to say
I was pulled over and blew a 0.07 bac. I thought the limit was 0.08. I'm in Pickens s.c. Can I fight this?
Yes! You need to fight it. In SC, a reading of .08 or above creates an inference that you were impaired. A reading of ....
I need to get a license back for work and to help my mother. No accident or injury involved. I am 55 years old.
Yes, absolutely you need an attorney. There are many procedures that the arresting officer must follow to get a DUI...
I was arrested for a DUI charge 2 years ago. It has been dropped to reckless and the expungment process for the arrest is underway. I am graduating nursing school this month and will be applying for the state boards so I can become registered. I live in South Carolina and will probably apply here but am moving to Virginia so I can apply in either state.
The answer to this question is a tricky one to understand. An "expungement" is simply an order requiring the relevant...
I have four dus's already
Call DMV to inquire. Good luck. Jasen Nielsen
A friend's minor son was at a party where underage drinking occurred. The police showed up and had everyone take a breathalyzer test. Could he have refused?
One could always refuse, and accept the consequences.
I recently pled guilty to a felony DUI and received 5 yrs probation with $30,000 in restitution along with agreeing to a civil judgment of $120,000. I did that because I have a decent job so paying $1,550/mth for 5 yrs, then $1000/mth the next 5 yrs is not impossible. However, my job requires me to travel pretty often and having no license makes that somewhat difficult. Does the judge not even have the power to make an exception for a provisional? Because I believe he would based on the situation to ensure the victim (who is fine now) received her judgment. This is my first criminal offense EVER! But I did the crime and will live with the consequences regardless, and will make it happen. Thanks.
Confer with local SC counsel. Hire a lawyer to protect your legal rights. Jeffrey J. Estrella, Esq. Licensed...