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revocation was because of a owi...(1st)
Since you probably did not have an attorney appear for you at that court date, since you're asking us, there was...
This would be my 2nd DUI. My last DUI was 10 years ago. I did not take a breathalyzer, only offered a blood test. I was then released 5 hours later but was never told if I passed or failed? The officer claimed when I was pulled over that I did not stop at a stop sign completely. He then made me walk a line and was suspicious I was over the limit and took me in. That's all I know. They told me my court case would be in a month but I don't have any other details? How quickly would they have gotten my results from the blood test that night? Given that I already have a DUI from 10 years ago, if it turns out I was under .08% what would happen then???
You can still be charged with DUI. You have a more defensible case under 08 but will need a lawyer
I have my court date coming up for my 2nd DUI. I realize I am going to jail for a minimum of 5 days and I just found out my BAC was over .15 which most likely will cause the judge to be even harsher. My questions long after my court date will I be expected to go jail? Do I get a choice of dates? Just curious how this tends to work.
It varies from county to county. Immediate commencement of sentence is not mandatory, but is routine in some counties....
I was arrested for DUI and payed 1400 bail because I had a firearm in the truck. One month later I went to scheduled court at county. They have no record of this offense and told me to go home. What gives? The date of offense was 2months ago. Should I be worried? How long do they have to charge me? I still have my license. Nothing has changed. I am in WI in Milwaukee county.
If you were arrested for DUI you should be worried. Before a lawyer can comment on your situation, though, more...
It has been 2yrs since my case, never owned a vehicle, or operated since my case. Now that I want to purchase a vehicle due to my pregnancy, is it possible for me to overturn the installation on interlock? Ive done everything they required, I just never haf a vehicle to do the installation.
I think that a little more information is needed. It sounds like you had an OWI in which the IID was ordered, but never...
I was charged with an owi 3rd in 2009. In 2011 and 2013 I was charged with 2 additional owi3rds. In January of this year I pled to the owi 3rd from 2009. How much time does the state have to refile amended complaints for either owi 4th or owi 4th and 5th?
This is not a question that involves the statute of limitations. The second two cases are already filed. They will...
I need to have it not during my classes
The specifics of how to do this depend on what jurisdiction you are in. I would start by calling the clerk of court...