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Driving after OWR first offene. OWR was result of OWI.
If you have an attorney, or express an intent to obtain an attorney, the prosecutor cannot ethically speak to you....
Driving revoked for failure to pay uninsured accident costs. No license, insurance, etc. Will there be jail time? What about the Ignition Lock - if his girlfriend owns the car, will he not be required to put one in? He doesn't own his own car.
Yes, there will be jail, and an ignition interlock requirement. No, they can't force interlock installation on a...
car was parked after a very miner car accident, was ticked for hit and run also stopped while walking and given a dui
Absolutely. You do not need to be "caught in the act" to be arrested for any offense, though probable cause to believe...
was intimidated by other party, left walking stopped at bar on way home, police stopped me while walking refused test I was then taken for a blood test and given ticket for owi I did try to change info with other party I have previous ow i's more than 10 years ago
You need to talk to a lawyer confidentially ASAP. If you were actually cited for refusal, there are very short time...
A friend of mine was sitting in his car in a hotel parking lot (in the Green Bay, WI area) around 2:30 AM last Friday morning trying to stay warm because of the freezing weather, when he was approached by a police officer and arrested for Operating While Under Influence. Need to know if there are any possible defenses to this charge based on the fact that he wasn't operating the vehicle or pulled over when he was arrested, but rather trying to keep from freezing to death by running his car and sitting in a parking lot. The exact charge is 346.63(1)(a) OWI 6th Offense. He goes before a judge this afternoon - I'm assuming that's when they will determine his bail amount, etc?
Turning the ignition on in a vehicle constitutes "operating" in Wisconsin.
charged with class H felony for 4th owi with in 5 yrs, disorderly conduct Mis B, 939.62 (1)(a) Repeater, and operating a vehicle while revoked. He was serving his probation for 18 months, just got off the bracelet, what are the probably sentences
Was he placed on probation for these offenses or did the offenses occur while he was on probation for a different case?...
I am being charged with an OWI that occurred 5/27/14. I am set for a court date on 7/8/14. I am unsure if I should get a lawyer or not. I was stopped originally for a headlight that had burned out that evening. While I keep seeing that the fines are supposed to be from one to three hundred dollars, my ticket deposit says $911 and there is no way I can gather that much money in a month. Everything I see tells me that is way over and around a first or second offense worth of cash. It is even listed that My operating while intoxicated is a first offense (muni). I don't have very much money, and am unsure as to how to proceed or what I should do.
If you are unsure if you should get a lawyer, that means that you need one, and are better off getting one sooner...