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I was convicted of 2 OWI's within a year of each other over a year and half ago. I was pending graduation from college and now I have taken a job out of town and need to drive. I am unable to get an Occupational License and 7 Months away from reinstatement. Am I able to see the judge again? He suspended them for 15 months but it would help me keep my job if I could get them sooner, if not I am not sure what will happen. Is there anything out there to help me with this issue in law?
You need to retain an experienced DUI/DWI attorney to represent you.
I got my first DUI this year, no accidents, not in a school zone, no minors involved, not on my way to school and no interlock device. I'm just wondering if I should notify my employer of this. And if they find out will I be let go or not have my contract renewed?
If you are in a union, discuss this with your union steward. An OWI-1st in Wisconsin with no Interlock ordered is not a...
The only vehicle I own doesn't run. A vehicle can be provided to me through my work but other people need to drive it as well. I also need to drive other vehicles for work. I have completed everything the court has required except for the IID.
You may be able to get your non-running vehicle exempted, but that won't remove the restriction from your license, and...
I plead guilty to a 1st dui in Indiana 4 1/2 years ago. Can this be expunged? Can I get a CDL in Wisconsin if it is expunged?
Good question for the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles. Did you look at their website? If it does not answer...
this a 3rd offense
That does not sound like an appropriate sentence, nor something that should be authorized as restitution.
This will be his second fleeing in his criminal history. And he was doing high speeds through town. Mental state at the time was suicide. He was the only one in the truck.
You need to sit down with a WI lawyer to assess this. The worst case is clearly years in prison. Some quick internet...
So i was drunk at a downtown bar and i somehow went to the bars basement and urinated im the corner. Nobody saw that but the cops came and arrested me and took me in. I posted my bail and was let out. My question is if my citation says court not mandatory does that mean if i pay the fine I am ol and won't have to go to court? Im not from that city.
That's probably what that means. Call the court clerk during business hours and ask. Be more careful in the future...