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I have an interlock BAID machine in my vehicle and I blew a 0.1840 into it the morning after drinking
I am looking for a response that will guide me on what to say to the letter of explanation that I received from the secretary of state, The evening before I blew positive I was out for a special occasion and we were drinking margaritas from 7pm until 11:30pm, Afterwards we went home and the next morning I went to go to work at 8:40am and failed the breathalyzer start up test a couple different times, I ended up getting a ride to work though a co worker, Around 340pm I went home for lunch and tried again and it failed again at a lower 0.0550 reading, What would be the best thing to say to the state? I am not trying to lie to them but need to have a reasonable explanation to why I failed, Please advise on what could happen as this is my first positive reading.
All you can do is tell the truth. You did not provide enough information to answer what will happen to you. If you...
Case being dropped then brought up again
my bf got a dui and took a urine test he was told he was pulled over because he swerved into the left lane but they showed the video and it showed the officer was wrong and the case was dropped. months later after the case was dropped he gets a letter in the mail saying they found it urine sample and want to bring him back to court. is this legal? and what would happen
Tell him to consult in person with a DUI lawyer.
Should I get a lawyer to get my 20 year revoked Illinois driver's license back after two DUIs?
Should I get a lawyer to get my 20 year revoked Illinois driver's license back after two DUIs? I have had two DUIs, both involving an accident. The first one was in 1986, and I blew a 3. something. The second one was in 1992, and the other party was injured. I did not blow for that one. My Illinois driver's license was revoked. I tried to get it back some time ago but was denied. I have now been sober for the last nine years. I do not go to AA meetings very much, do not have a sponsor, but still manage to stay sober. How do I get my revoked license back after 20 years? Do you know the approximate costs involved? What steps should I take to get the license back?
License Reinstatement following DUI convictions is complicated and without a lawyer, the process can be confusing and...
I was convicted of dui and have 240hr com serv $ 2800. fine and revoke lisc. for one yr. physically cant go to com serv
can hrs be reduced and due to financial hardship can fee be reduced? please advice
That decision would be up to the judge. First, you or your attorney must file a motion explaining why you cannot...
Do I need a lawyer to get my revoked driver's license back? I've had 2 DUI's, last one was in 1992.
About 10 years ago, I hired a lawyer, and went for my formal hearing, but the state denied me. (which is actually good because I was still drinking). Now I have been sober for 6 years, have gone off & on to AA meetings, which make me nervous because I'm a private person. I belong to an online AA group, but do not have a sponser. What are my chances of getting my license back?
Hire a lawyer. Search Avvo or go to to find the best in your area. Good luck!
Had a car accident and got a dui in illinois
had a car accident and got a dui in illinois
What is your question?
DUI advice
I was pulled over on us rt. 41 northbound by park west (it goes down to 40 mph) I was pulled over for speeding (clocked me at 74 mph). Did some field sobriety tests and blew 0.081 and was taken to the station. I was polite and admired to drinking one blue moon and at the station I blew a 0.071. Why did they check the box to suspend my license? And what are the chances I can beat this case?
I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you odds on "beating" the case without more information. Based on what you have...