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Is this a violation of my probation?
I drank Thursday night, and waited a 12 hour period prior to starting my vehicle Friday morning. When I attempted to start it, it registered a "VIOL" on my interlock device. I waited about a 30 minute period, reblew, and it allowed me to start the car. I've had no previous strikes (no failed drug tests, etc.) My court order does not specifically state I may not consume alcohol, and its my first dwi. What are the chances I'll be sent to jail? Could I offer to suspend my license and consent to a wrist-alcohol monitor thing? Any help is appreciated, thank you.
Drinking is a violation of your probation. There is no waiting period before driving - you CANNOT drink while on...
Does an attorney have to share copies of the file with the client on a DUI case in the State of Texas?
The attorney presented a plea bargain that in itself starts with 'you can get' ... and for the most part is contradicting in itself. This made us question the actual involvement of the attorney in the case not to talk about the judgment he makes based upon the documents. Those we have never seen and he refuses to share copies with us. Incl. ARL ruling, test results, police reports or anything. He says it would be against the law. Is that correct?
I have no idea what you're calling a "plea bargain." It sounds like you're referring to a specific document that starts...
Tarrant County. First time DWI offender with 2 violations on interlock device. How likely is jail?
Violations on IID were two separate occasions. After first violation I was ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet for 60 days, without any issues. Second violation on IID was low BAC, that quickly went to WARN (within 10 minutes). What is the likelihood of receiving jail time? Thank you.
You need to contact a lawyer who knows your specific situation. The answer depends on whether or not you are on pre-...
Arrested for DWI BAC was .01%. 2nd blood test was 1.6% for THC. In Texas. What can I expect?
I was assaulted by the arresting officer during my arrest. Have hospital reports of injuries.
Are you under 21? And are you asking what will happen with the DWI or how does the assault play into the case?
Charges are 2nd DWI and POSS CONT SUBST U/1G-PG1, while being on probation for 1st DWI. Texas. Jail time?
These are my ex-husband's charges. I don't understand the severity, so I am trying to decide if/when I should have a conversation with my children. He was arrested a month ago, and he hasn't been to court from what I can tell. If he's not going to do jail time, I'd rather not even tell them. My spouse disagrees and advised that I reach out to someone in the know that could give me a reasonable estimate of the amount of time that their dad could be incarcerated before we decide how to handle the subject with them.
Do you do the family's dental and medical treatment too? Do you really think that some stranger on this site, no matter...
How do i get a non disclosure for a felony dwi w/child under 15? how can i get a non reporting for the remainder of my probation
I have been on probation for 4 yrs and 2 months this is my first offense dwi child under 15, i have 10 months left,i completed all of my requirements the first 6 months of probation,i have not been in any other trouble since this one time,what are my chances of getting non reporting for the remainder of my time?
A defendant who is on probation for a DWI, let alone a DWI with a child under 15 in the vehicle, is very unlikely to be...
I need a lawyer who handles old car accidents (occurred in 1998). I was rear ended by a drunk driver at a traffic light.
I suffer from lower back pain, and it has progressively gotten worse over the years. Is it too late to ask for recourse in the matter?
Unless you were 6 years old or less when the wreck occurred it's too late. The statute of limitations in Texas for...