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Do probation officers in Hugo, Oklahoma use an etg test while on deferred probation?
I was put on probation in March for two years for possession of marijuana. I paid all my fines and don't even have to see the probation officer. I don't even smoke marijuana but she said some time during my probation she will call me in for a urinalysis. I am wondering when she gives me a UA will it be an etg or a simpler test for alcohol if she will even test for alcohol. What kind of alcohol test will they give me?
Every county is different on which test they use, but most of the time they use a 7-panel UA. Take a look at your...
Missouri DUI Laws vs Oklahoma DUI Laws
OK has a APC (Actual Physical Control) law, Missouri does not. Can MO up the charge to a Driving while intoxicated and suspend my license? License from MO, charge picked up in OK. I was not driving at the time of arrest
You need to move this question from OK to MO.
What happens if I move to a different state before receiving a DUI in my current state?
I got in a one car wreck while under the influence of alcohol. They took a blood sample and I assume it will come back over the legal limit. A week after I was released from the hospital, I got offered a job in Colorado. Now, I understand getting the blood test results takes some time, so what happens if I move before these results come back? I'm not trying to avoid dealing with the DUI, I'm just worried there may be some problems when I receive a DUI but have already moved to a different state.
Your best bet is to retain an attorney prior to moving. Many people hire attorneys during a pending investigation....
I was pulled over for suspended drivers license and DUI. The arresting officer didn't even read me my rights.
I was pulled over for suspended drivers license and DUI. The arresting officer didn't even read me my rights. I have been fighting this case since 2013. The arresting officer was placed on the stand and questioned by my pro bono attorney. He stated that he didn't read me my rights and nor did he have a video cam etc. My attorney stated that I could have actually gotten back in my car and drove off. My attorney asked for the case to be dismissed, but the judge said no since I had a DUI 10 years ago in Texas. This case is in Oklahoma by the way. I was approved for a court appointed attorney 4 times now but they keep saying I didn't fill the paperwork out correctly. I think they are just stringing me along for court cost. Is there anything I can do? I lost my job due to this so I'm currently unemployed. Thank you in advance.
A cop basically never has to read someone their rights unless they are in custody and being asked questioms that can...
I was denied on a nics check to buy a firearm for a misdemeanor dui in Massachusetts, will having it expunged clear that up?
It was 15 years ago in 2000. all dui's in mass are punishable with up to 2 1/2 years making them a prohibiting factor.
You want this in front of Mass. eyes. Repost using the community where you had the dui as your location.
Need attorney for dui.
Have previous convictions on dui but have 3to4yrs span between dui. But this case I I i iwasn't driving in passenger seat on xanex bought of street. Person had accident driving and ran so me in passenger seat got dui cause beer was splashed every where. Being on xanex had me severely missed up. But having alcohol odor now on me police assumed dui. Had to resist alcohol tests cause of zanex had me missed up.
I am not sure what you are asking. If you are looking for a lawyer to defend you in your DUI case, plenty of criminal...
If i was taken to jail for a dui payed my fine and then released was not ordered to appear in court will this be on my record
i was given a chemical test and released after three hours i payed my fines they told me i was done and did not have to appear in court . i went through the proper procedures and got my license back . now i am subbing at a elementary school and have been for over a year , with the possibility of getting a contract i am haunted by the fact i may not get hired if somehow this is on my fbi background check.i would also like to add this has been well over five years ago.
From the information you have given, it sounds like the DUI may show up on a background check. You should consult an...