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If I was ordered in Sacramento to install a interlock 3.5 years ago for a DUI and never did do I still have get one
I got my DUI in Sacramento County on new Years 2011 when they started the mandatory interlock device , and I didnt get my California drivers license back while I was going through my DUI courses because I was going to be moving to Washington State in the Fall of 2011. I kept my SR22 on my license as ordered, but never went and got my license because I did not have a car to install a breathalizer interlock device into. When I moved to Washington State I eventually got my Washington license and have had my Washington license after California released the suspension. I am moving back to California and eventually want to buy my in car. Will California still say I have to get an interlock device being its been almost 4 years or can I get a waiver being I have had a Washington license.
The standard length of time that an interlock device is requires to be on your vehicle for a first DUI is 5 months ,...
How do I clear up a 2003 DUI with DMV and Mandatory Actions if the case was closed in court?
DMV is requiring me to re-do (for a 3rd time) a first offender alcohol program in order to lift the suspension from my license. The LA Superior Court closed my case in 2011 (after I took a 2nd alcohol program) and the "file was destroyed". So without a judge to give me a referral to another program, I am not able to be accepted at one. Also, since MAU doesn't accept physical completion documents, I am not able to have the previous alcohol program submit a copy of one. After months of run around, I'm at a loss.
That stinks. If you cannot proof that you completed the school from the place where you took the class back in 2003,...
Can you get a DUI after an auto accident if not ticket or arrest was made?
2 days ago my daughter rolled her car. She had been drinking (2 beers she says) prior--she is legal drinking age. She had injuries that required an ER visit. The officer on site did field sobriety (no breathalyzer) & kept her license. He told her she did "fine" on the tests. She never saw the police officer again but he kept her license. She had treatment and tests done at the ER & was released home with no ticket & no information as to what to do next. Can she still get a DUI? Who should she contact about the next step or getting her license back.
If she is found responsible for the accident, I believe she can still be cited and charged for DUI. Best bet is to...
Dui help
I was arrested in California for my 2nd dui with a BAC of .14. My first was nine years ago. From the time I was arrested to now, my wife and I have moved to Washington and I want to know if I will still have to do jail time, and how it affects my drivers license in Washington. My wife is soon to deliver our second child and I would really prefer not to be in jail when she goes into labor.
You should retain an experienced attorney right away.
BAC 0.09
I was arrested last thursday for having a bac of 0.09, first timer. is it recommended for me to get a lawyer or just get a public defendant on the day of the court? and how does the stay and hearing at dmv work, because I requested one on the phone, the woman said I could only do it if I believed that I was not drunk driving, and hung up on me.
There are good and bad public defenders just as there are good and bad private attorneys. However, you're are only...
I received a felony DUI conviction at 21, and five years later, I'm wondering what are my options?
I received five DUIS in around one year of time, at the age of 21. I was sentenced to 16 months in state prison, however did all my time in jail since I was a non-violent offender. After jail, I enrolled full-time in community college and have been working towards my AA in Psychology and hopefully will transfer to a UC. I was not able to obtain employment following the felony conviction, and thus, have not made any payments to the courts. I owe multiple courts money and had no way of paying, however I know this is likely not a valid enough reason. Honestly I'm afraid of going to court and being taken into custody for non-payment, but I have to try to resolve this in some way if i ever hope to be licensed as a Psychologist. No payment=NO HOPE for expungement? Do I have any options?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have no options but to pay. You cannot go to jail for non-payment. Since...
I was arrested for a DUI last year the officer stated I refused a chemical test but is missing pages from report, appeal?
I was taken to a hospital after being approached for DUI, I refused a blood test but submitted a breath test and officer informed me their device was nonoperational, I would not submit to second test with a PAS device. A DS-367 form I did complete officer sent DMV resulting in suspension of my licence but pages 2-3 were missing from DS-367....... DO I HAVE A CASE
Have you requested the DMV hearing within 10 days of the arrest if you did not you're probably out of luck as far as...