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That is really up to the prosecution to decide. The prosecutor has full discretion over which charges to file in Court...
lived in NE. for many years, not so good driving record many of those years. Last was 1996, paid all fines, sr22, reinstatement fee, received letter of clearance, license was reinstated 2/2003 in NE. Moved to CO and received 1 dui in 2006, did 90 days jail, lost license 2 years, paid fine, reinstatement fee, sr22 (still on i believe) reinstated 2008, been clean & sober since 2006. Now go to renew CO. license (2013) and find NE has hold on license, but have not had as much as a parking ticket, NE or CO. Will letter of clearance NE gave in 2003 be enough to give to DMV? Also have NE. DMV records up until 2003 shouldn't these be valid? Do not understand. Thank you
Contact Nebraska DMV and find out what the hold is. Like most lawyers we offer a free initial consultation to talk...
I used the plates from my other vehicle and put them on my new one. The new vehicle expired 8 months prior and I never had it registered
The registation of the vehicle is not the main issue here. It is the DUI. Are you an alcoholic? When you drink do...
Long story short, I got a DUI and I'm under aged. The cop told me they usually let the school know every time someone gets in trouble, in this case, I got a DUI. isn't this confidential information?
The fact that your underage may be thereason. Never trust cop's.
I received a DUI and the officer asked if I had ever gotten one before. I told him yes in California 9 years ago. In California, a DUI stays on your record for 10 years. However, my ticket says I am charged with a DUI with no prior convictions. Is there a chance that I'll get charged in court with a 2nd instead of a 1st DUI?
I am not licensed to practice law in Nebraska, but either way of charging you is possible. The prosecutor is never...
for a DUI will it affect my reinstatement ? Do I put yes to being arrested? I was terminated due to illness and missing class and have all documentation passed out in class
Sorry, but I cannot answer your question since I cannot understand it. Please re post.
Husband was charged with a 4th DUI that was a felony. He got sentenced in 2011. He received a 15 year revocation. They never wrote in the sentence about the interlock or a work permit. Is there any way to appeal it. I am afraid he will lose his job because of ureliable rides. He has been sober since we met in 2011
Can't appeal it but You might be able to reopen the case. A