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My BAC was .09. I have reckless driving on my record, anyway I can get this DUI reduced to something like a reckless driving?
That is really up to the prosecution to decide. The prosecutor has full discretion over which charges to file in Court...
lived in NE. for many years, not so good driving record many of those years. Last was 1996, paid all fines, sr22, reinstatement fee, received letter of clearance, license was reinstated 2/2003 in NE. Moved to CO and received 1 dui in 2006, did 90 days jail, lost license 2 years, paid fine, reinstatement fee, sr22 (still on i believe) reinstated 2008, been clean & sober since 2006. Now go to renew CO. license (2013) and find NE has hold on license, but have not had as much as a parking ticket, NE or CO. Will letter of clearance NE gave in 2003 be enough to give to DMV? Also have NE. DMV records up until 2003 shouldn't these be valid? Do not understand. Thank you
Contact Nebraska DMV and find out what the hold is. Like most lawyers we offer a free initial consultation to talk...
I was pulled over driving an unregistered vehicle, and received my first offense DUI. What am I looking at?
I used the plates from my other vehicle and put them on my new one. The new vehicle expired 8 months prior and I never had it registered
The registation of the vehicle is not the main issue here. It is the DUI. Are you an alcoholic? When you drink do...
Can the "Ambien defense" help me fight both DUI and reckless driving charges?
Last fall, I had the pleasure of becoming one of the infamous Ambien "sleep-drivers". I took an Ambien CR one night, went to bed, and the next thing I remember is speaking with someone on the sidewalk explaining to me that I had just sideswiped a parked vehicle with my truck. The police were called, I failed the sobriety tests, and I was charged with a DUI and negligent driving. Since the Ambien was the only drug detected in my UA, my attorney says there is a decent chance he can negotiate with the prosecutors to reduce my charges to reckless driving. However, because I'm a mail carrier, that would still be disastrous for me because it would cost me my job. Would I stand a chance of beating that reduced charge as well? Is there anything else I can do?
Make sure your attorney knows the reckless charge is not an acceptable plea. If he or she can document the sleep...
Is it possible for me to get a verbal warning from my probation officer for a 1st time violation?
I got a DUI and now have 6 months probation. my probation officer is nice and I think fair. She waited a week before calling me to have me make an appt with her at her office
It is very possible that they will give you one change. Can't tell from your question if you were on probation and you...
I was charged with d.u.i. , m.i.p, violation of registration, and driving without headlights, what will my charge likely be?
I am 15 years old and was charged with all of the above and had a street release that night, what will my charge likely be and will i be able to get my license when i turn 16 and if not how long until I can?
First off, I am sorry this happened. We can all make mistakes. But now you will face the music and need to be...
I had a question about interlock in my car
I was just wondering what will happen in the state of Nebraska if you fail twice but passed the third time before you start your car even. This incident only happened once since I had the device put in my car. I went out into my car and turned on my device and blew into it like your suppose to. The first time I blew a 0.033 and the second time I blew the same thing which was a 0.033. Then it went into the temporary lock mode. I waited a good 30 to 45 minutes before I blew into it again the third time and passed it the third time with a 0.019. I already went to court and on house arrest now. I have to get my device recalibrated tomorrow. What should I expect if this only happened once since I have had it in my car. I have been doing everything I am suppose to do.
the recalibration will likely fix the problem and you shouldn't be in any trouble.