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My son got mip walking down the road... now it shows on his driving record.. How can I get it off and why would it be on driving
he admitted to drinking but had no alcohol on his person..
Sadly, there are several types of offenses that are reported to the Sec of State, like your son's MIP, that may not...
Will my PO call me if I failed an ETG. Or will I just get mailed notice?
I took my ETG on the 9th. I may have failed it. (Medication) and I have a meeting with her on the 22nd. Would she call me to tell me I failed or just wait to tell me on the 22nd?
Was you medication alcohol based? I can only imagine the anxiety you must be feeling. I suspect she will just wait...
What should i do if i have not recieved a court date 18 days after a detention for drunk driving?
i was pulled over for speeding and ended up being detained for drunk driving. this is my third and was driving on a suspended resricted premit. what is my best course of action here?
Call the district court weekly to find out if the case has been charged yet. It will sooner or later.
Someone took my car without my permission and was drunk and got in an accident? Will insurance cover me?
Myself and 2 of my buddies live together. I was sleeping and I normally allow my roomate to drive my car every now and then- like once or twice a month. Well a few days ago my rooomate took my car and apparently went drinking with his buddy. Since my roomate was really drunk he let his buddy drive (my car of course) who apparently was also drunk (barely over the legal limit) and he rear ended another car. Will my insurance company pay for the damage to my car which will likely be in the $3000 range and if the other party that was hit (apparently not hurt) can they sue me for damages to their car or any possible injury and if so would my insurance cover it? Once again, I never gave this guy I barely even know permission to drive my car.
If you have collision coverage, your car should be covered for the damage. You may have to pay a deductible though....
Is being drunk on my porch "drunk in public"? Or lawn?
Just wondering. Probably stupid but we took bets. I said no. Rest of friends say yes.
My opinion that if you were on the porch, you are not in public, thus not 'drunk in public'. If you are drunk on your...
What is the best thing to do if pulled over for DUI? Refuse tests and demand lawyer? Or is that only in movies?
Bff was pulled over for DUI. He tried to refuse tests. PD said he will be jailed for insubordination if he doesn't cooperate. When do you demand a lawyer? What can be refused without getting in more trouble?
Refusing the PBT (the hand-held device administered at the scene of the stop) is only a Civil Infraction, but refusing...
Possible to purchase a handgun while on probation for a DUI?
Ive been convicted of a DUI earlier this year in Oakland County, and now Im on probation for a year. I was wondering if its possible to purchase a handgun while on probation? Ive never received any letters saying anything about giving up my other firearms while on probation.
You could not get a CCW permit but you should not have trouble registering a gun.