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I got 2 dwis in 2008 that have been resolved then I got another july 10,2010. That has also been resolved. 3rd dwi was a felony . I haven't had no lcense for about 3 years its revoked for 5 yrs . Its been very hard to have a life wit my daughter and wife I been sober the whole time through this I just wanna better my life but in order to do that I need a license or a restricted if possible . Albany says I can't apply till my revokation period is over with . Is it possible to have some sort ability to drive with representation of a lawyer and money ???
You should contact a local DWI lawyer to see if you can qualify for an occupational or restricted driver's license!
The law had just changed on Jan-1,st five years ago, a dui with in ten years apart was considered a felny. I was just under the limt. I through away my copy of the arresting officer's hand written supporting deposisition .One of the officers asked me and the arresting officer for a copy of the dposn. The DA ;judge or my P D had a copy.After quite a while I felt I should not have,,, but I pled guilty. Things got confusion, I felt sure the most important thing in LAW was what was written onstone. My public defender was going to hand my case over to a ex DA who sed to me the deposision was very important . In between bad weather, a short three way conversation with ex DA and the investigator for the PD,I went before the Judge and pled guilty. one very GOOD thing of all this is four yrs sober
I don't understand a lot of what your are saying. A second dui within 10 of a dui conviction has been a felony for much...
After over a year upon my dui arrest I pled guilty. It was seed my deposition was fabricated. I know the Judge, da, or public defender had not a deposition. I through away my copy of the long form. My second dui with in a ten year period . I am still answering to probation.....
It was seed my deposition was fabricated? You mean your plea was fabricated?
My daughter was at a graduation party and the cops came and her and all the kids that were there got a underage drinking ticket. She did not have a drink in her hand at the time and she only had one drink. The other kids who weren't drinking also received a ticket. None of the kids had drinks in their hands and there was no breathalyzer test. Can her driver's license be revoked.
Can her driver's license be revoked? Potentially. More likely it would be suspended than revoked, but that's...
I did a 1to3 yr sentence
For starters, consider contacting the attorney who represented you on your most recent DWI. With the recently enacted...
He has been on parole for 11 months and never violated.he completed out patient drug treatment 3 months ago.He has good report with his parole officer.the dwi court case is still open.he has medical problems with back and hip so it would be hard for him physically for him to do Willard.parole officer recommended 28 day program in patient.
Did he recommend that after he picked up the new charge? He needs a lawyer for the DUI and a lawyer for the old charge /...
This is my 2nd DWI in NY in 5 years and I am looking at a Class E felony. I already have had my license revoked and I am facing jail time. I blew a .28 which is aggravated, there is a witness testimony and video evidence and self admission. I know I am screwed and I know I have to face whatever charges I am brought to. I have had a great job for over 7 years. I've been attending college and I have been blessed to have been able to keep my job even though all of this is going on and my license is revoked. I have never had a felony in the past and I am in fear I will spend years in prison. I know if I go to trial I will lose given all the facts mentioned above. I am looking for an honest opinion and advice. I'd like a lawyer that actually cares for my future and not just my money.
You are probation eligible even if you plead to the felony. A lot depends on the attitude of the Judge and or the DA....