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The officer.told me it was a speeding ticket. Is this true
Basically yes if it's in Davidson County. You need to speak with an attorney about these charges. The right attorney...
I was pulled over the other day here in tenessee for an out of date tag. I have no license and have never had one, but am revoked in arizona. The officer did not charge me wiith the tag but rather driving on a revoked. My drivers privlages are not suspended or revoked here in tennessee so, will the charge stand in court or what. Please help ive been screwed around the legal system too much in my life!
Yes, you can charged. If you have the ability to clear things up in AZ so that the revocation is lifted and then can...
I have numerous charges in 4 counties,dating back to 1991. With fines and cost that I can't afford to pay. I draw disability and live at my mothers collecting food stamps.
You need to contact the TN Department of Safety to obtain a reinstatement report. It will list the steps you need to...
even if it said you are not suppose to drink
The short answer is very likely. Probation can be informal and direct you to not violate any city, state or federal...
I don't believe the following details are relevant to my question, but I am being asked to include details, so the following are the additional circumstances to the arrests: Refused test on second, charged with implied consent. Court ordered blood test on third. BAC came back at (.06). Also charged with marijuana possession both times and a toxicology report is pending from the court ordered blood test. Prescribed Adderall for conditions of severe permanent brain injuries which are the result of an accident as a California resident. Marijuana seems to provide relief that I that is not experienced from any other medication, but I do not believe that Tennessee recognizes any medical marijuana law. Thank you for allowing me to ask the question.
In Tennessee, 2nd offense DUI and 3rd offense DUI are class A misdemeanors punishable by up to 11 months 29 days in...
My driving record is clean otherwise and I am a college student. I was hoping there is some type of hardship permit I can get.
In Tennessee, If you are convicted of a DUI you will be required in install an ignition interlock. This device...
My husband is getting turned down for job after job. We have no explanation as to why. Can his potential employer see my dui conviction in his background check?
Your conviction would not affect his employment