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I have been charged with a DUI, in Tennessee and I was not operating the vehicle, nor were the keys in the ignition.
I was sleeping, and was woken by the arresting officer. I did not take a breathilizer because I was not operating the vehicle when arrested, not was I pulled over with the vehicle motion. I was forced to give blood a blood sample. That is the most likely outcome with a good defense attorney ? My career is on the line, and operating a company car is required. I must beat this case for possible reinstatement with my current employer, as I have been terminated with out going to court/trial yet.
The State's theory is that you were in physical control of the vehicle and you can be convicted of DUI without actually...
I got a misdemeanor citation for drinking beer in a public park and I'm on felony probation will this violate probation
The officer.told me it was a speeding ticket. Is this true
Basically yes if it's in Davidson County. You need to speak with an attorney about these charges. The right attorney...
If my drivers license is revoked in arizona, and am now living in tenessee can i be charged with drving on a revoked?
I was pulled over the other day here in tenessee for an out of date tag. I have no license and have never had one, but am revoked in arizona. The officer did not charge me wiith the tag but rather driving on a revoked. My drivers privlages are not suspended or revoked here in tennessee so, will the charge stand in court or what. Please help ive been screwed around the legal system too much in my life!
Yes, you can charged. If you have the ability to clear things up in AZ so that the revocation is lifted and then can...
Can yo get violate dfor drinking while on probation even though it is legal
even if it said you are not suppose to drink
The short answer is very likely. Probation can be informal and direct you to not violate any city, state or federal...
What happens if I move to Chicago with a pending DUI charge to Chicago?
I was arrested under suspicion of a dui on 1/1/15. The case has been continued two times because the arresting officer failed to show up and the judge didn't want to dismiss. He then set another court date out in October. I'm moving to Chicago the beginning of May. What happens if I do get charged and I'm a resident of Chicago in terms of consequences? The DA won't budge or accept a plea bargain for wreckless driving so I can get this over with before I move. He's young and on a power trip so maybe I'll have luck with the new DA in October. Either way I'd like to prepare for the worst, any insight to how this will play out is very much appreciated.
I am not licensed in TN, but in CA, where I am licensed, an attorney can represent you without having you present in...
Help needed on DUI and false statements. I am more concerned about my false statements than my DUI. Please help me.
1. Written report of accident 2. DUI, reckless driving 3. False reports(, I started telling stories like ‘car might have been stolen’, ‘I am not the one who crashed car’ etc. ) My questions are, 1. Is it typical for cops to charge under many charges like above 2. Does judge typically sentence me on DUI or all of the above 3. I don’t think cops told me about mirandize. Can cops still use whatever I told? Do they typically have video recorded? As far as I know, it didn’t look like they recorded anything 4. My bail was 800$ and I don’t have incidents earlier. Based on these facts, what would be typical punishment(I am in TN)? 5. Regarding property(a bank) damage, bank hasn’t contacted anyone yet. is that okay if I wait for someone to raise about it or should I have to contact bank/police?
Providing a false police report to an officer is a felony in TN. A DUI is a Class A misdemeanor but carries mandatory...
I was arrested last night in TN on "suspicion of DUI" I blew a .06 and was taken to jail. How will my case hold up in court?
The officer pulled me over gave me a field sobriety test then proceeded to take me to the police department where I took the breath test and passed it with a .06 he then explained to me that "On the assumption of when he detained me I was over the level" how will this hold up in court? I don't know what to do this is never happened to me before.
Need more facts but .06 is below the legal limit. Hire a lawyer.