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The officer.told me it was a speeding ticket. Is this true
Basically yes if it's in Davidson County. You need to speak with an attorney about these charges. The right attorney...
I was pulled over the other day here in tenessee for an out of date tag. I have no license and have never had one, but am revoked in arizona. The officer did not charge me wiith the tag but rather driving on a revoked. My drivers privlages are not suspended or revoked here in tennessee so, will the charge stand in court or what. Please help ive been screwed around the legal system too much in my life!
Yes, you can charged. If you have the ability to clear things up in AZ so that the revocation is lifted and then can...
even if it said you are not suppose to drink
The short answer is very likely. Probation can be informal and direct you to not violate any city, state or federal...
I owe $1200 in court cost to one county.In order to see the judge to request a restricted hardship I must pay all costs first then is there any guarantee I will then be eligible thru the state of TN dept of safety to then get the restricted hardship license?
You should consult with a DUI/DWI attorney from Tenn for your answer.
I planned on walking the few miles to my destination after having a few drinks at a restaurant when I left I was jumped and beaten outside I got away from my attackers and tried to get to Vanderbilt in my vehicle. I had a broken nose staples in my head and fractured neck. The officer said I failed the field sobriety test. I had head trauma and a broken nose how could he come to that conclusion
Given these facts I think you would have a good chance. You need to contact attorney as soon as possible
I currently reside in Arizona (but moving to TN) and was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Feb 2014. That trial is still pending. I did win the DMV admin hearing and can still drive. My local attorney believes my DUI trial case will be dismissed, but, I have this question: I'm planning on taking a new job in Nashville well before the AZ DUI trial is completed. If I get a TN drivers license and register my car in TN and then I'm later found guilty of DUI in AZ (after I've surrendered my AZ drivers license to the TN DMV), will I be able to drive in TN, or will TN suspend my license (as AZ would have) and force me to install an ignition interlock device? Since I need to drive when I arrive in TN, I'm open to hiring a TN attorney to assist keeping TN driving privileges.
All states entered into an agreement to honor each other's license suspensions. So, in theory, your TN license will be...
Will a DWI received in NY affect my TN license, TN is a not compact member
Per statue, Tennessee has the authority to punish a Tennessee license holder per Tennessee's standard no matter what...