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Convicted of a DWI in VA in 2009, do I still need to complete VASAP to reinstate my liscense?
I am now 25 and have not been in trouble as a result of alcohol since. I have, however, gotten one driving on a suspended or revoked back in Nov of 2013. I have paid all legal fees and participated in the mandatory five days in jail. I just want to know my options on how to reinstate my license.
Yes, you must complete VASAP before getting your license reinstated. The DMV won't give you a license until ASAP tells...
I killed a construction worker by DUI in 2008 and got 6 years, 3.5 suspended, and spen t 2.5 years in prison. Now I got
another DUI and had a BAC of 2.5. I'm in jail, have plead GUILTY, and my friend is asking for the answer to this: How much time will I get? There is talk about me getting ALL of my original sentence back. Could I get more than 6 years in prison this time?
The most you could us 3.5 years of suspended time for the violation plus whatever they gave you on the new dui. It...
Alright I was charged with dwi and marijuana possession, searched, and no miranda rights.
After a sobriety test, the officer asked me if he'd find anything illegal, I said no, he then felt my pockets and pulled out a baggy of marijuana, I didn't consent to a search, and I thought they couldn't take out my personal property without asking ME to do so, (unless it be a weapon) , I showed no sign of danger that would even provoke him to search me, he placed me under arrest and stuck me in the cruiser without reading me my rights THEN asked me to consent to a drug test, which ("not knowing my rights to silence" I agreed to... is there a case here?
Case for what...,,,,,,,,,........,,,,,,
Asap drug violation on first dui
I was aressted for 1st DUI got 12 months jail time 11 month 10 days probation. Yes asap. I started asap today and failed my drug test. What are the most likely actions that will happen?
I recommend that you consult with your attorney that represented you on the original DUI charge. He/she will be the...
Can I be convicted of DUI as a passenger if vehicle was already stopped and me and the driver had already exited the vehicle
My girlfriend and I pulled up in front of house. She(driver) and I(passenger) got out and began to unload groceries etc. when police pull up and immediately come after me, assuming I was driving. Apparently she was driving with her headlights off leaving the store about 1/4 mile down street. I feel like because I smelled of alcohol and was a little obnoxious that they were determined to arrest me. Driver Can and Will testify to driving the car. First I wasn't driving, 2. Car was parked, 3. Not running, 4. No keys in ignition. 5. Neither my self or driver were in car. It feels like officer made a big mistake but once they determined I had been drinking all I could do is try my best to stay calm and cooperate as best I could.
Can you be charged? Yes! Can you be convicted? Yes!!! Can you fight it?? ABSOLUTELY!!!. This isn't baseball....
Received a second charge of underage possession when already dealing with a first charge? What is going to happen to me?
Back in February I received a charge of underage possession when drinking in my dorm room with friends. We all received charges and recently went to court and received 75 hours of community service. This past weekend I made the horrible mistake of being caught outside of a fence at a party where the police caught me under the influence of alcohol. I received a second charge just 4 days after going to court for the first one. I do have an attorney (Using the same one that I had for my first charge). What type of punishment from the courts am I looking at now?
You really should be asking him/her this question. It is why you have hired him/her right? The key to answering your...
I missed a court date and was charged 'Failure to appear' but the hearing information dates for 04/10/2017.
It stemmed from a DUI first offense and refusal to blow first offense, but since I refused a blood test at the station the officer added another charge which was 'DUI w/Child first offense. I was in the military and on deployment at the time of my court date. But when i checked my information for me to turn my self in and continue the case i realized my hearing information was wrong. Does that hinder with my charge of 'Failure to Appear'?
With a failure to appear, you can bring up any circumstances that explain what happened. I have seen that judges are...