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DWI reduced to careless driving if I do not contest license revocation. Should I accept this offer or continue fighting case?
Pulled over for DWI but the video contradicts the officers report and no reason for the PBT. Talking to my lawyer I guess up to the judge to convict or dismiss the case but the attorney offered a plea which was lower than the original conviction. I'm confused why they do not want me to contest the license revocation. Should I take the offer or not.
If you fail to contest the revocation, it will become final, and can be used in the future to make another DWI more...
Does Minnesota put Underage Drinking tickets on your driving record?
Not drinking and driving, just a couple underages (age(s) 19-20) by a dumb college kid. License was never suspended. Graduated now and asking because I have to submit to a driver's insurability assessment for a job. Offenses were civil infractions in the state of Wisconsin a couple years back, so not sure if MN knows about it or not, and if they do what do they do with it record-wise?
Why don't you just go to the DMV and request your history to find out? I am not licensed in Minnesota, but in...
Will MN take action against me once they find out I was arrested for another dui, but in another state?
Current resident in Mn. Also have two priors dated back 2007 and 2009. Recently arrested for an OWI (operating while intoxicated) in WI.
Yes, it's very likely that Minnesota will eventually revoke your license if you're convicted of a Wisconsin OWI.
I received a OWI in WI but i live in MN. MN has now revoked my license for 30 days and requested i pay $680 to reinstate my lic
is this not double jeopardy? how can i fight this.
It is not double jeopardy. This is a civil matter rather than criminal. You can contest the revocation but you only...
Is there an limitation after u hav been charged with dui 6 yrs ago
2 dui 2008 and 2009 one court appearance bond out never went back what could happen to me now if i was to turn myself in
There are likely warrants on each case. You'd want to have your lawyer try to make arrangements in advance before you...
DUI challenging a stop and fst in Anoka or Hennepin county
Challenging a stop in mn. If the police report differs from what happened eg times(squad video has a diff time from the cops report and booking report), spot where cop was located at time of speed clocking. Officer mention on the straight line walk I was leaning almost 2to3 inches side to side after watching video I wasn't. Cop said I was on the outer lane while I was on the overtaking inner lane. Are this challengeable
Yes you can. Officer does not need much to stop a vehicle but has to be able to articulate a legal basis. If the...
Had a dui (from a .09) dropped to a careless driving. Is there any way the dui portion can be expunged? If so, how?
Had a dui from a .09 dropped to a careless driving. Now it is affecting driving for my company as the insurance companies can see the DUI. Is there anyway around this?
The issues you describe are complex. An hypothetical criminal expungement would apply to court records only. Other...