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I got a DUI this year in Washington state. I am being charged as a 2nd DUI offender because WA state is treating my California Wet Reckless as a DUI. In CA state, a Wet Reckless is NOT considered a DUI. Is there any way I can use WA or CA state laws to prove that it is objectionable to count my CA Wet Reckless as a DUI in WA state? I am hoping to get my charge dropped to a 1st DUI offense. Thank you for your time.
hi, I really empathize with you.WHAT THIS REALLY BOILS DOWN TO IS HOW YOU WROTE YOUR GUILTY STATEMENT. You need to get...
I was arrested for DUI, I was right on the limit .08 on the portable breathalyzer test. They got a blood search warrant and took me to the hospital and got the blood sample. After that I was booked into jail. I had to bail out after a few hours. Its been more than a couple of weeks now, today I received the full refund of my bail money (the case has not been filed yet). I thought they return the bail money only when I appear in all court dates, confused .. Please suggest.
The case may have been "no charged". Get a local attorney to inquire of the prosecutor what the status of your case is.
Received the DUI a few years back,Told i would receive a reckless if i stay out of trouble for 5 years but got in trouble before that time was up. Now i have to go back to court. How does that work, i already did the interlock and license suspension the first time around will i still have to do it again when they actually give me the first DUI
It is important that you contact a local DUI lawyer or criminal lawyer. In Colorado in these situations you may be...
...and he's a green card holder ...he's in the jail now so my question is...he can be hold for immigration and loss he's green card?
It is not possible to advise on the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction without reviewing the conviction...
I responded to the hearing request within the timeframe of my arrest however the hearing with dol was not in my favor. Dol advised my license will be suspended and require an IID for a year. Considering my DUI case with the state has been rectified and not convicted of a DUI, will I be eligible to get my license reinstated earlier? Also, am I required to have sr-22 insurance?
Since your DUI case "was won in trial" it sounds like you have a good lawyer on your side. You would be well advised...
or I could get a waiver through a company willing to go that rout, I had been driving 25 years prior to the DUI. I have driving close to 25 years.
Years driving prior to DUI are irrelevant. Did they ask for an alcohol school or a driving school?
I was pulled over for going 61mph on a 45 mph road. The cop asked if I was drinking I said yes and submitted to a breath test and failed. Then he took me to the station and did another test on their machine with resulted in a .13 BAC. Now my question is he said he didn't charge me with anything for being honest and not giving him a hard time. But then said I would still get something in the mail for a hearing in about a month. Am I going to have to go to court? will I have to face the law?. the only 3 papers I got from him was: 1 for the impound, 1 copy of breath test, 1 paper for the department of licensing which stated that my license would be suspended for 90 days. Please if anyone knows what I will likely be facing in my future let me know my nerves are shot right now.
Sounds like he you will be charged with a DUI. DUIs come with jail time, fines, and a license suspension. On a good...