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I have been active in AA since 2006. I went to rehab on 10/10/14, will that even help my case? What is the worst case scenario? My DUI was in Chelan county. Thank you - Leslea
The worst case Merrio is 364 days in jail he $5000 fine and it one-year license suspension with interlock device...
I was just informed by my sister who lives at my old address in WA that a summons was sent to me. On 7/29/14 I was involved in a very minor accident. I was accused of a DUI. Blew a 0.00 and the sobriety test was "inconclusive" because a new medication caused me to have tremors in my legs. They took me to the hospital to get drug tested. I told the officer I did take prescribed medication that morning, which can cause drowsiness. I received a ticket for improper lane usage. Now, dated 11/10/14 I am required to appear in court on 11/25/14 for an arraignment on DUI charge. I live in Arizona now and have no means of getting to WA for this court date. I don't want a warrant for my arrest and I certainly don't want to be expedited to WA if I get pulled over here in AZ. What do I do?
If you do not appear for your arraignment, a warrant will issue for your arrest. Period. You could hire a criminal...
I was driving down the highway, not under the influence, I was texting. I know, that's bad... A civilian in a pickup was following me and used his cell phone to report me as DUI. I stopped to get something to eat and the guy followed me and parked his truck to block me in. I got out and he said that he was not going to let me kill anyone. I replied "OK" and went into the restaurant and sat down. After a couple of minutes a police officer came into the restaurant and told me to come with him on suspicion of DUI. I refused. I asked if I was observed driving erratically by a police officer, he said no. He then grabbed my arm, twisted it up behind my back and pulled me off my chair and walked me outside. I refused all sobriety tests and consequently spent 2 days in jail. I am out on $50K bail
If you had to post bail like that there is a lot more to this story
I blew a 3.17, what kind of fines should I expect to pay for my 1st DUI?; what if I take my deferment?
You really should take the time to sit down and have a consultation with an attorney. You'll be able to go over all...
Can I go to rehab before my case is filed? I don't know if I need it but I think it will help my case??
What you're asking for is legal advice. This should only come from your attorney who will know all of the facts of your...
It's been about three months since the incident. I am just now failing the drug test.
I assume you mean that you became out of compliance with your treatment program. Three months is a long time after...
Hey my name is Lukas and I missed my court date that was issued on the 8-21-14. The reason why I missed it was cause I though it was on the 8-28-14, this whole time and when I was going t call my attorney and I saw that it actually was on the 21. So what should I do now? Is there any way to get out of this mess? Or will I pay thousands of dollars for missing the court date?
Call your attorney. She/he should know what to do.