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    Monday Sep 15 | via The Star 

    A 29-year-old Gloverville man was detained for shoplifting Friday after he tried to take an extension cord from a store on Whiskey Road without paying. A 30-year-old Aiken man was detained for DUI on Saturday after he was pulled over on Colleton Avenue for driving erratically.


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I've been convicted of a DUI in Sc. I'm moving to PA next week and I do not plan on coming back. Can I have the classes transferred?
You may be able to but you need to contact a South Carolina ADSAP representative before you move to make sure there is...
If a jury agrees that the arresting officer failed to follow NHTSA and SLED DUI breathalyzer procedures and finds me not guilty, can I get the state to pay my attorney fees? If found guilty, can I appeal and hire another attorney?
Being found not guilty is an insufficient basis for your legal fees to be compensated by the State. America is a...
my diabetes caused ketoacidosis the police did not accept that, I have two priors in SC over 5 years ago, and now am on meds for diabetes type 2, i have neuropathy in hands and feet which causes numbness and pain. my blood reading was .269 and my blood sugar 426 or so I did not drink that evening, but am being charged. they offered me a A misdemeanor so long as SC imposes probation and ADSAP, I was not drunk but suffered a concusion from the air bags. this is not fair or correct but i dont have 5000 for a lawyer either, I am a combat vet, full time student and 100% disabled with cancer.
Sorry to hear that you're going through all of this. Not all attorneys charge $5000. I suggest calling a few locally...
I have a DUI case pending since May/2010 and just saw the news from Judge Bogan. Would his ruling be effective in my case?
That depends. Did the analyst who instructed you on what to do tell you to blow hard? That argument worked at least...
Will the new Law stop them from deporting him he has to go back to his 3rd immigration court in june it was his first dui and he has never been in any trouble in the past he has been here 10 years but when they took him he had only 9 years.
You need to speak with an immigration attorney. This is not a DUI question. I have changed the practice area for you...
On 5/26/02 my husband was charged with DUS 1st offense. Two years to the exact day 5/26/04, he was charged DUS 2nd offense. SC law states that the DUS drops 2 yrs after the offense and not the conviction. It cost us almost $2000. Should he have been charged DUS 1st? He was told that even though it says offense, it meant conviction. I didn't buy it and it has bothered me since. I felt that they used the fact that he had no attorney to get a guilty plea. The judge actually stated that people who paid their fines a didn't come to court did so because they were guilty. He was accused if not showing up for his 1st court date which was not true. His letter said 10:30 am. The arresting officer said even though the letter said 10:30 am, he needed to show up at 8:30 am. How was he to know?
He needs to consult with a local defense attorney.
If the Datamaster BAC for some unknown reason just locks up during testing, is reset, and then provides an over the limit reading, can this case be dismissed due to the fact that officer provided no inquiries, comments, complaints, concerns, or no mention of this malfunction to SLED? Shouldn't victim have been taken to an alternate test site or given a blood and/or urine test or perhaps denied because the 2 hour testing window would have been exceeded? This issue is awaiting a court hearing and is for a friend of mine who's attorney I believe has never done a trial based on a breathalyzer malfunction. Thanks for all the previous answers. Victim was over 65 years old and was still told to do the FSTs against NHTSA policy. Would you recommend a bench or jury trial?
The answer depends on several different issues. First, it depends on the operational history of the DMT and whether...