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Will I be drug tested during my final meeting for minimal risk supervision?
I am on DUI supervision. I am minimal risk with NO court ordered random drops. My DUI is not drug related.
No ctrystal ball on Avvo, or anywhere else. Prepare for the worst and be clean for the final meeting
I need a DUI attourney near Edmonds, WA
good afternoon, I live in Chicago IL, my husband has a pending DUI case since the year 2000, he was accused of DUI on the city of Edmonds, WA. He attended the first court date, however he failed to assist the final court date to hear the judge's verdict and to comply w/ the classes. he now resides in Chicago IL, want to know what are the possibilities of reopening the case to get it resolved. also want to know what are the possibilities of working on the case, while staying on Chicago, and only travel to WA to assist the final court date.
Post this from a WA address and you will get some meaningful answers.
Background check
Every year one of my employers runs background checks. I think the purpose is to identify sex offenders. Anyway, I was ticketed for DUI in 2010. One of the questions asks if I've been convicted of any crimes. I got the one time IL super. Have I been convicted? So confused. Want to fill out the form correctly.
No. Supervision i not a conviction. But if you are asked about ever pleading guilty to a crime, you have to answer yes.
Flexibility in schedule for a restricted driving permit (RDP) in Illinois?
Following a 2nd DUI in Illinois, and restriction of driving to just work, school classes, and AA meetings, is there any flexibility in the schedule? In particular, if your job requires a different schedule every week, will it be sufficient to carry a printed copy of the schedule to show what working hours are each day?
Your RDP order needs to reflect the information if your job requires changes in your route. See your lawyer and return...
Can I travel to another country after my DUI case is over? I had DUI in Feb 2012 in IL. And I got 1 year supervision with fines.
Now I have finished all the classes, fines and supervision. Every thing went perfect. Trying to go back to my home country for few weeks. The thing is I'm not a US citizen I have a green card (legal permanent resident ). Is there going to be any issues at the immigration when I'm coming back?
Generally, you can travel to other countries unless the country prohibits entry based upon a conviction like DUI. For...
Should a person blow or take a field test when pulled over for a DUI
what are the options
As a general rule, the answer is "No." There is no penalty for refusing field sobriety tests. If you refuse a breath...
Hi i got my baid today blew in the device at the shop pass 1 more blow 10 minutes later fine.
i tried to start the car again blew wrong & the baid said abort called the 800 number they said dont worry about it u didn't fail i just blew wrong did it 2more time abort 3 time pass my question is this violating my probation 2 drive. i did write down day & time & what happened
You need to keep an accurate diary, contact your attorney and report these problems to make a record of this in case...