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i was drivin a little over the speed limit & the cops put there lights on then when i drove passed them they tuned there lights off. i drove about a half a mile to a gas station.I got out of my car to get gas at a gas station.then 2cop cars pulled up and then turned the lights on and told me to get in to my car I said I was getting some gas. then,they tackle me and throw me on top of my car hand cuffed me i asked what i did wrong they never answered me then they had more cops come they bet, tasted me ,& drug me out the car i crying/yelling for help & medical treatment i was bleeding and nobody did nothing while other people where in the parking lot.the cops told the ppl to mind there business after they toke me to jail they wanted a bllod test i told them i would at a hospital cops said no
This is definitely not the standard of what is supposed to happen based on the facts you have presented.
She was traveling so fast that upon impact her car went flying through the air and debris flying. Her car landed 2 houses away from impact. My car totaled. i went to the dr. the next day and hired an attorney. I went thru treatment but none of which really helped. I have severe back and neck spasms. some days i am in such neck pain that i cant move my head much less drive. with the attorney i was offered 14,000. Because of my pain which seems to be getting worse, my life has changed and i know i will need further medical. the drivers policy was 50,000. I feel especially because she was totally at fault and got dui + 3 tickets that i deserve more. i did not accept the offer and am thinking about a new attorney. or should i accept it?
You did not say when this happened and what treatment you had. You need to discuss this more with your attorneybsince...
also I wasn't on a road I was in a friends yard. and the call had nothing to do with that. me and my gf were arguing and turns out after I was hauled off to jail they find so called marks on her which she blatantly denied. so I was not only charged with a "dui" but also simple battery!!!
The DUI law covers every square inch of the state. Doesn't need to be on a road. Arrested for the "suspicion of DUI"...
So I was pulled over for my plate lights supposedly not working, they did. Was asked if had been drinking, said I had a few. Then was given a field sobriety test. The first was the Nystagmus test. I informed the officer I had a astigmatism as well as a "lazy" eye. He chuckled and said "uh huh". The continued test. Followed with the standing on one foot, in which I have had a bad knee that was operated on. Can any of this nullify the field test? After the test I blew and was over legal limit and was taken to jail. I'm looking for anyway to reduce any chance of a full DUI. Thanks
You need to speak with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the courts in DeKalb County and DUI defense....
I was pulled over cause my tag lights didn't work but they did. But my brake light was out on video and tag lights on. Then I was charged with DUI. Can the light issue help with reducing charge since it was obviously incorrect
The brake light being out (on the video) constitutes reasonable suspicion to initiate a stop of the vehicle if the...
But my tail lights work, it was just my right break light. Will this work as a technicality in my favor?
Unfortunately... Almost definitely not. Talk to an attorney immediately, so that you can protect your privilege to drive.
I had one court date approx. A month after I was arrested. I have heard absolutely nothing since.
I would be shocked if you don't have a warrant out for your arrest. When you went to your first court date, what did...