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Whats the legal proceeding in Georgia for a dui/dwi arrest. the legal statue standards in Georgia for dui/dwi
i was drivin a little over the speed limit & the cops put there lights on then when i drove passed them they tuned there lights off. i drove about a half a mile to a gas station.I got out of my car to get gas at a gas station.then 2cop cars pulled up and then turned the lights on and told me to get in to my car I said I was getting some gas. then,they tackle me and throw me on top of my car hand cuffed me i asked what i did wrong they never answered me then they had more cops come they bet, tasted me ,& drug me out the car i crying/yelling for help & medical treatment i was bleeding and nobody did nothing while other people where in the parking lot.the cops told the ppl to mind there business after they toke me to jail they wanted a bllod test i told them i would at a hospital cops said no
This is definitely not the standard of what is supposed to happen based on the facts you have presented.
What to do if I received a DUI but I wasn't under the influence?
One night around 2am I was going to get some fast food. I had just awaken, so I grabbed my small puppy and preceded to exit my apt complex. As I am leaving an officer in my complex proceeds to trail me all the way out. As I turn and drive down a windy road my puppy jumped in my lap so I shifted the wheel slightly (touching the yellow flare bumps on the road) and sat him down. Immediately after a cop pulls me over and says I failed to maintain lane. I immediately told him when I spoke that I was nervous and shaky because this was my first time ever being encounterd by the law. After, he asked to step out of the vehicle because he smelled marijuanna , so I got out the vehicle as he stripped my car. Found nothing. He then asked to stick me with a needle for blood which I refused, After he gav
You definitely need to hire a lawyer. You only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to file for an administrative...
Georgia DUI
I received a DUI in georgia but I live in DC. I plead nolo contendere, which is essentially a guilty plea. However, in my paperwork from my lawyer it stated "I hereby authorize my attorney to enter a plea of nolo contendere/guilty on my behalf and in my absence to all charges related to the above styled matter and sign any and all necessary document regarding same to an ordinance which will not report on my criminal history." what does this mean? I also paid online for a background check on myself and nothing came up. Please advise.
Sounds like your lawyer did a "plea in absentia" which means he/she enters a guilty plea on your behalf so that you don'...
May I attend an out of state online DUI school if I received a DUI in Georgia?
I got a DUI and found a first offense online DUI class in Nevada at It's only $95, a lower price than any other schools here. If I can get my judge to agree to it, would it be possible to take this equivalent dui school for somewhere other than in NV? It's my first DUI and I didn't do any damage, I'd want to take an online course that gives me more freedom and saves me some money. Thanks!
Depending on what court you are going to but the answer will almost certainly be no. You can, however, always ask.
Why does my record show 2 convictions: DUI & reckless driving? And can it be expunged
i was arrested in 2013 for a DUI but a plea in court reduced the charge to reckless driving. I was told only reckless driving would show on my record. I applied for a job and was offered the position but they retracted the offer when my recorded showed a conviction of DUI and reckless driving for the same date.
The DUI will always show as well as the Reckless Driving. However, the DUI will show it was amended to Reckless Driving....
L Advice > Legal Advice on Can I Be Charged With A Second Dui When 35 Years before (1973) I Was Arrested For Dui But it was dism
In 1973 i was arrested in Fla. for DUI, the charges were dismissed. On Jan 2007 I was arrested for DUI with a Blood Level of .06, Prescription Meds, no alchohol. The Prosecutor somehow found the '73 DUI arrest and said this was my 2nd DUI offense. My PD did not argue my case sufficiently, actually not at all. And talked me into pleading out. I have been speaking with Fla DMV with no success to get them to understand the 73 issue was dismissed to no avail. Any suggestions on what I can do to get them to understand the 1973 issue.
You can be charged with DUI as a first offense. You need to retain a DUI attorney.
L Advice > Legal Advice on Can I Be Charged With A Second Dui When 35 Years before (1973) I Was Arrested For Dui But it was dism
In Florida Can I Be Charged With A Second DUI When 35 Years Previously (1973) I Was Arrested For DWI But The Charges Were Dismissed. In Jan Of 2007 I Was Arrested For DUI With A Blood Level Of .06 For Prescription Meds. My PD Made Me Plead Out. The 1973 Issue Never Appeared On My Insurance Or Class "B" CDL Lisence. I Worked For More Than 20 Years As A Professional Driver. My Employers Never Saw The 1973 Issue On My Record. In 1974 Floridas Records Were Archived So They Do Not Have The Record Of The 73 Incident Available. I Was In Court For The '07DUI In Dec 07. The Prosecutor brought up the 73 issue saying this was my 2nd.The Pd Did Not Defend Me Properly. And Now Georgia Is Giving Me A Difficult Time Just To Get A Georgia I.D. Any Suggestions On What I Can Do To Get This Straightened Out
Did you plead to the second DUI? IT sounds to me like the prosecutor had some information that you were arrested for...