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i was drivin a little over the speed limit & the cops put there lights on then when i drove passed them they tuned there lights off. i drove about a half a mile to a gas station.I got out of my car to get gas at a gas station.then 2cop cars pulled up and then turned the lights on and told me to get in to my car I said I was getting some gas. then,they tackle me and throw me on top of my car hand cuffed me i asked what i did wrong they never answered me then they had more cops come they bet, tasted me ,& drug me out the car i crying/yelling for help & medical treatment i was bleeding and nobody did nothing while other people where in the parking lot.the cops told the ppl to mind there business after they toke me to jail they wanted a bllod test i told them i would at a hospital cops said no
This is definitely not the standard of what is supposed to happen based on the facts you have presented.
I received a DUI in georgia but I live in DC. I plead nolo contendere, which is essentially a guilty plea. However, in my paperwork from my lawyer it stated "I hereby authorize my attorney to enter a plea of nolo contendere/guilty on my behalf and in my absence to all charges related to the above styled matter and sign any and all necessary document regarding same to an ordinance which will not report on my criminal history." what does this mean? I also paid online for a background check on myself and nothing came up. Please advise.
Sounds like your lawyer did a "plea in absentia" which means he/she enters a guilty plea on your behalf so that you don'...
I am a 60 year old woman who needs to have my license reinstated but can not afford the expense. I live with my daughter who is a single parent of 2 children. She works everyday and has a lot of running around her own self with her children and errands she has to do. After my 2nd DUI 08/18/2011 I completed the Risk Reduction Class... Did the clinical treatment class... Did my court ordered time for community service...and do not have any other traffic violations. I have waited over 4 years to try and reinstate my license just to find out I have to do all of this again. How can I get these expenses wavered?
It may not be possible. Otherwise, as I'm sure you'll understand, there would be no cost to DUI and folks would...
I've been a U.S. Permanent Resident since 1992. I'm married to a U.S. Citizen and we have 2 girls, 1 1/2, and 4 1/2. I have always worked and paid my taxes. I have 3 DUI. 2001, 2009, 2015. I'm waiting to go to court for last one and already have a criminal lawer. What am I facing as far as my green card goes? It expires in 2023. If I'm found guilty for this third dui will I be put in deportation process? Can I still travel outside the country without getting detained on the way back? I went to see a immigration lawer in Jonesboro and he told me I have nothing to worry about as far as renewing my green card but I'm still a little paranoid, scared. Is he right? Please help, I'm losing a lot of sleep over this. I'm a good parent and husband just made bad decisions in my life.
DUIs are not considered crimes of moral turpitude so your green card will not be affected. Concentrate on solving your...
My C D L's were revoked under a nolo plea that I feel that I was forced to enter.
You don't provide enough information to give an answer. You should gather ALL your paperwork, charges, please, CDL,...
One was on Federal property and a wreck was involved. There was never any evidence that said I had been drinking but I was convicted anyway I hadn't been drinking but I am tired of trying to convence people to that fact; the cause of the accident was deer. The second in 2010 was on a moped- not on a major road- in which case I was drunk. This DUI charge in 2015 was Dui less safe alcohol and dui less safe marjuana in which I had not smoked despite the charge. What am I to do? Both DUI charges in 2010 were reduced to reckless driving. This charge of DUI in 2015 is still pending.
Prior CHARGES of DUI are not admissible unless you were convicted.
My Dad was charged with DUI. There were no witnesses, and not even the cop saw what happened. My Dad was off the road, his scooter fell into a ditch, and he was trying to lift it out . A cop pulled up and did not see anything that happened. My Dad told the cop he was riding the bike and crashed into the ditch, and had a little to drink. Then the cop gave him a breath test and he failed. Is there any way to get my Dad's testimony thrown out, since it may not have been credible due to diminished capacity from alcohol consumption? The cop did not even see him riding, there is no other evidence except for my Dad's drunken testimony.
Based on the facts you provided, i think there is circumstantial evidence that your dad was driving the scooter,...