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Whats the legal proceeding in Georgia for a dui/dwi arrest. the legal statue standards in Georgia for dui/dwi
i was drivin a little over the speed limit & the cops put there lights on then when i drove passed them they tuned there lights off. i drove about a half a mile to a gas station.I got out of my car to get gas at a gas station.then 2cop cars pulled up and then turned the lights on and told me to get in to my car I said I was getting some gas. then,they tackle me and throw me on top of my car hand cuffed me i asked what i did wrong they never answered me then they had more cops come they bet, tasted me ,& drug me out the car i crying/yelling for help & medical treatment i was bleeding and nobody did nothing while other people where in the parking lot.the cops told the ppl to mind there business after they toke me to jail they wanted a bllod test i told them i would at a hospital cops said no
This is definitely not the standard of what is supposed to happen based on the facts you have presented.
DUI in Duluth Municipal Court.
I was arrested for a DUI. The case is in Duluth municipal court. I worked out a deal with the solicitor. I finished all classes and all requirements. Finished my probation a month ago but still haven't heard from them regarding official disposition. Do I need to request that or is it mailed to me? And if i need to request it do i just show up in court and what is the the process? Thank you.
It's not clear if you were convicted, or if you participated in some type of pre-trial diversion program. If you were...
DUI less safe drugs and roadblocks
I was stopped at a roadblock shortly after smoking marijuana. I did have it in my possession and my blood was tested. I had also taken an unprescribed adderall previously that day. In my understanding, they must prove that I was a "less safe" driver because of the marijuana. How can this be done if I was stopped at a roadblock? Also, how will the adderall come into play (if at all)?
Most prosecutors will take the "any in your system" approach. But you are correct about less safe, it is difficult if...
Clearing a DUI warrant for a non domicile
Dear sirs I am an English national who was working in Georgia on an H1 B visa from 2001 to 2002. I was arrested for a DUI in 2001 and paid my fine and attended court. I thought that the matter was closed however I have taken a vacation in the USA twice in the last few years and every time I get stopped for an outstanding warrant. Is there any way I can get this charge removed? If it's not possible to have the charge removed would there be a chance of being denied entry to the USA by border control? As mentioned I get pulled and questioned by border guards but have been allowed entry but I would like to get this warrant closed out or removed if possible. I'm planning a honeymoon in Seattle this fall and would like to have this cleared before then if possible.
Usually a misdemeanor will not affect you because most states do not extradite misdemeanants. However, why would you...
DUI: Office of Administrative Hearings. How to remove suspension?
I got a DUI and was scheduled to have a hearing at the office of administrative hearing for the drivers license. I missed that and my license was suspended. I finished with my DUI case and have disposition from the court. How to I submit that to the Administrative Hearings Office to remove my suspension? Thanks.
Depends on your case. If you were a refusal and missed the ALS court date your suspended and it can't be removed. If...
Can I get charged for a dui and I wasn't driving and the keys weren't in the ignition. Do I have a case
I was at the bar for maybe 2hrs had two drinks and felt a little tipsy me and my friend we went in the car to sit it out my friend had the keys so I wasn't even holding my car keys. So I would like to know should I lawyer up and try to fight it because I feel it was unfair.
You need to hire an attorney. It's sounds like you have possible valid defenses.
I was arrested for DUI/failure to maintain lane. What are my next steps?
After work on one day in Feb., I had two drinks at a restaurant. When I was headed home, my back tire blew out. I couldn't control my car. According to witnesses, the tire started smoking and blew right of underneath the car. We were on a bridge. I flipped the car. A witness helped me out. The police came. I had the sobriety/breathalyzer test. He arrested me but didn't send me to jail. Told me to say that I had an injury in order to avoid jail time. I did. They took my blood at the hospital. He took my license and told me court was on May 11 for DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane. However, when all my papers were given to me at discharge, the tickets weren't there. It is now April, I have my license- my court date is not in the system at the courthouse. What's my next move?
No citations and you still have your license? Do you know if there is an incident report? Unfortunately ignoring what...