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5am, left house at 3:50am after waking up from sleep by friend. on route couldn't find an open gas station and broke down on side of road. hour passed (now 4:50am) flagged down an officer, told him story after being questioned as to why I was on the side of the road. Received breathalizer and one field sobrity test, officer told me I wasn't under arrest and was being dropped off at friends house. When cuffs were put on me (for their safety and rules)was told they are taking me for a blood test.(still not read my rights)detained for an hour and a half until co worker vouched for me (all the while still cuffed at the station) upon leaving asked where my car was and if it was ok to get gas and drive home, was told ok. facing 30days jail,yr loss of license 2nd off. have more to story.
How can you get the charges lessened or thrown out? Stop wasting time trying to represent yourself and retain an...
Was arrested for dui after walking out of convenient store
Significantly more information is necessary to intelligently answer this question. You may have a valid defense. Retain...
arrested for Dui, local prison, has wife and 4 children, is illegally in us. Inmates beat him so bad that he was sent to hospital and stayed 6 days, had surgery. No one notified his family, nothing was done. He was sent back to the same jail differnt cell. What can I do?
Consult with a Pennsylvania attorney who specializes in cases involving incarceration (being jailed). I feel safe in...
I went into a Sheets convenient store to get cigs and come out and there's two police officers at my parked truck. They told me someone called in and said they seen me swerving. Did field sobriety tests which I feel I passed and then made me blow in the breathalizor machine four times before they arrested me. I was never told my results. They took me to the hospital and took blood but I have not received paperwork yet. I have one dui already over 9 years ago.
Your best bet is to retain an attorney familiar with DUI defense and have them review your case ASAP. Best of luck.
I served 48 hours on my first conviction and successfully completed 3 years of probation
At this point with the charges pending there is frankly only one thing you can do to improve the outcome. Retain a...
After many months of looking, my son is working, paying his fines, keeping his PO meetings, and finishing up his community service. He attended the screening dui session but hasn't followed up with additional sessions yet but is trying to schedule these before his hearing date in three weeks. Thank you for your help.
He should retain a criminal defense attorney for the entire case.
I was arrested for a DUI a few months ago. I consented to a blood test at the hospital. The test came back with a B.A.C. of .11 and the test showed that I had marijuana in my system (I had smoked about a week and a half before this). I plan on entering the Pennsylvania A.R.D. program but I am wondering about specific conditions of this. My job requires that I may have to move to New York soon. It is also highly likely (yes, I know) that will I be around people who will more than likely be smoking marijuana, while at work as an audio engineer. My question is, will I be drug tested on the A.R.D. program? Can I move to New York while on A.R.D.? Two acquaintances have told me they weren't drug tested and that it is basically unsupervised probation.
In the counties where I practice they do not usually drug test you while on ARD. In fact in many Counties your...