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I was arrested for a DUI a few months ago. I consented to a blood test at the hospital. The test came back with a B.A.C. of .11 and the test showed that I had marijuana in my system (I had smoked about a week and a half before this). I plan on entering the Pennsylvania A.R.D. program but I am wondering about specific conditions of this. My job requires that I may have to move to New York soon. It is also highly likely (yes, I know) that will I be around people who will more than likely be smoking marijuana, while at work as an audio engineer. My question is, will I be drug tested on the A.R.D. program? Can I move to New York while on A.R.D.? Two acquaintances have told me they weren't drug tested and that it is basically unsupervised probation.
In the counties where I practice they do not usually drug test you while on ARD. In fact in many Counties your...
After many months of looking, my son is working, paying his fines, keeping his PO meetings, and finishing up his community service. He attended the screening dui session but hasn't followed up with additional sessions yet but is trying to schedule these before his hearing date in three weeks. Thank you for your help.
He should retain a criminal defense attorney for the entire case.
for 3rd offense, 3rd tier DUI in PA, is there a way to avoid or lessen the 1 yr mandatory jail time? 1st DUI was on the cusp of the 10 year mark. I have entered into D&A counseling willingly and have several chracter letters. Will they consider a longer house arrest time as apposed to the full year in jail?
In some counties, the mandatory minimum sentence may be lessened as part of the Intermediate Punishment program....
Will a 3rd tier, 3rd offense DUI qualify for CIP in Adams County PA? I have tried to locate info but have not been sucessful and my attorney has not mentioned this program to me. How do I determine if I qualify and will the in house jail time be less with the program? My concern is my 3 year old and 1 year old children. I take full responsibility and am seeking help, however, I would be willing to try anything for less jail time away from my kids.
If you have an attorney, you should consult with him/her and trust his/her advice. No one on this board can second...
Passanger and I had just gotten off of a late shift at work. We grabbed a 6 pack, parked in a aprking lot and had two beers about a mile from our homes. Keys were not in the ignition, vehicle was parked. Officer told passanger they would more than likely take me home. I was arrested, they dropped passanger off at his house and tooke me in to have BAC drawn. We are approaching 5-6 weeks since arrest. No papers or word. I know I could still be charged but am wondering if I have a case since we were so close to home, car was not running and I had a passanger. If they records go back 10 years then this would be my thrid dui charge. Thank you!
Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. You have a defensible case.
It specifically says 6 months intermediate punishment subject to standard conditions and special conditions 2-b and 2-c. My question is what is the 2-b and 2-c special conditions?
I cannot speak to 2b and 2c special conditions, but intermediate punishment describes alternatives to straight jail...
i got the dui in 2007 and the attorney said to apeal it so it was held up in court till mid 2009. they never offered me ard and it was my first offense. is it possible to get it expunged? i have done all my requirments needed.
it depends on the state where the dui occurred. I am a DUI attorney in the state of florida. In florida, a person who...