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Daughter in law now driving a non ignition interlocking device car. My son is allowing her to drive his vehicle. She is breaking her probation...but is my son committing a crime letting her, knowingly , drive a non IID vehicle. Greig....Thanks
Whether it's actually illegal or not for your son to allow this, it's still a really bad idea.
I had 2 DWI s in 2009 and had my final conviction for the second one in April 2010. I have sr22 in Wisconsin, but the DMD said i could cancel my WI sr22 filing after i move to Texas as long as I don't drive in Wisconsin again until after 2014, but may be required to get sr22 in Texas. I called Texas DMV to ask if they would require sr22 and they said they didn't know and couldn't answer that. I asked my current insurance company who carries my WI sr22 now and they didn't have an answer for me either. It looks like Texas usually only requires sr22 for 2 years after conviction so would I be able to cancel my sr22 as soon as I get my Texas drivers license?
That will be up to Texas. At least a part of their answer will depend on why you have an SR22 requirement. You will be...
We have a 17 year old son who drives our car. We believe he is driving under the influence at times. If he has an accident or hurts someone while driving, what are the legal concerns for us as parents?
You are legally and financially responsible for any damage or injuries that he causes especially if you believe or know...
I was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for speeding and the deputy gave us a breathe test and then searched the car and found some bottles of alcohol. I was given a ticket with the violation description as "underage drinking - possess -17-20". I am 18 yrs old. Will this affect my entrance into college or my drivers license or my car insurance?
It can result in loss of license, and the penalties for subsequent offenses get progressively worse, see link below....
My case is scheduled for a plea/sentencing hearing and I feel that my current attorney isn't representing me as I should be. Is there any ramifications that I could face from the Judge or D.A, such as having my bond revoked, for terminating my present attorneys services and hiring another attorney. I don't want the Judge to think that I am making a mockery of his courtroom.
You should always be allowed to have whatever lawyer you want to represent you be your attorney at any stage of a...
19 years of driving No previuos DUI No accidents No suspended/revoked license 9years of no a single traffic violation Other than traffic, no record at all.
You can ask for anything but your best bet is to schedule several free consultations with local DUI/DWI attorneys and...
Pulled over for DUI in May plead not guilty. Court date moved to August 12th. License suspended on July 4th
My guess would be that the city did not suspend your license, but rather the DOT suspended your license due to a...