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I am wondering after paying off my DUI fine what's my next step to have a warrant dropped for failure to appear on the fine
After paying a fine where a warrant had been issued for a failure to appear on my court date to get further extension on my fine. Does a judge usually automatically drop the warrant if the fine is paid in full? Or do u have to pay and also turn yourself into jail to see the judge that issued the warrant for the failure to appear? Or can I pay the fine in full payment and by paying it does it automatically drop the warrant if paid in full?
Most likely, the warrant for your failure to appear will not be quashed (dropped) automatically when you pay the fine....
I missed a court date for an extension on a DUI fine in Georgetown Kentucky. What do I need to do to take care do the warrant
I want to pay my DUI fine that i had almost 2years ago. I missed the court date for my extension and want to pay it and make sure I get the warrant dropped and took care of
You need to show up in person and clear the warrant. I would bring some money to show your willingness to start paying.
What are the chances of a convicted felon with 3-4 DUI's going back to prison?
license revoked for many years, and has more dui's n other states. the convicted felon latest dui was caught in shelby county, kentucky.
A variety of circumstances can cause a drunk-driving offense to be escalated from a misdemeanor charge to a felony...
Can I have a trial moved to another county?
My little brother was killed last year by a drunk driver that worked for the city and is well known by many many people in this county. The police have already made "so called" mistakes in this case and things just seem fishy to me and i don't see getting a fair jury trial with so many people knowing him. Can I have the trial moved to another county? If so, how do I do this?
You may make a motion to change venue, but, you will need actual evidence not just your feeling that things "seem fishy"...
Can a urine test be used if being told I would bear the ex spence, I was not stopped but parked at gas station. I canceled the t
I cancelled the test, but it was sopheoned by the prosc. I had prescrtion meds in my system, the officer claims to have no recording of the conversation. The benzo were inserted into my vagjnia and the pain meds had been taken 5 hrs prior. Can the Hipparchus laws keep the results of the test out of court. Is there a pressident for this. What can I do if anything
The results of the urine test can most likely be used in court to prosecute you. I would like to know what was the...
When someone is on probation then gets arrested for DUI (first offense) what happens to them?
Someone I know is on supervised probation and was arrested for a DUI. What is going to happen to them?
Does that person have an attorney for the DUI or did they previously have an attorney for the probation case? If so, "...
If I'm found guilty of dui in absentia do I have to plead guilty in court years later
I was found guilty in absentia for a dui in 1998 ,my ex roommate gave me the letter they sent to my old address.In 2011 I found out I had a warrant in Illinois turned myself in then pled guilty to dui to end the case.Just curious because in the letter my roommate gave me they said my license was suspended for a year and now my license is revoked
The suspension was probably for refusing the breath test. Now that you have been convicted of the DUI, the conviction...