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I am wondering after paying off my DUI fine what's my next step to have a warrant dropped for failure to appear on the fine
After paying a fine where a warrant had been issued for a failure to appear on my court date to get further extension on my fine. Does a judge usually automatically drop the warrant if the fine is paid in full? Or do u have to pay and also turn yourself into jail to see the judge that issued the warrant for the failure to appear? Or can I pay the fine in full payment and by paying it does it automatically drop the warrant if paid in full?
Most likely, the warrant for your failure to appear will not be quashed (dropped) automatically when you pay the fine....
I missed a court date for an extension on a DUI fine in Georgetown Kentucky. What do I need to do to take care do the warrant
I want to pay my DUI fine that i had almost 2years ago. I missed the court date for my extension and want to pay it and make sure I get the warrant dropped and took care of
You need to show up in person and clear the warrant. I would bring some money to show your willingness to start paying.
What are the chances of a convicted felon with 3-4 DUI's going back to prison?
license revoked for many years, and has more dui's n other states. the convicted felon latest dui was caught in shelby county, kentucky.
A variety of circumstances can cause a drunk-driving offense to be escalated from a misdemeanor charge to a felony...
Can I have a trial moved to another county?
My little brother was killed last year by a drunk driver that worked for the city and is well known by many many people in this county. The police have already made "so called" mistakes in this case and things just seem fishy to me and i don't see getting a fair jury trial with so many people knowing him. Can I have the trial moved to another county? If so, how do I do this?
You may make a motion to change venue, but, you will need actual evidence not just your feeling that things "seem fishy"...
Dui in tennessee but live in kentucky
As a result of a fender bender, i got a dui in tennessee for driving on my prescription medication but i live in kentucky. This occured May of 2013. I have paid my p.o. in full but i still owe a little on my fines. I still have to take dui classes. my question is, do i go by tennessee or kentucky rules. No one seems to tell me what I should do. And when I do ask questions, i get a different answer every time. Could you please explain to me what I need to do? I also need to find an insurance company that carries sr22 insurance. The Judge agreed that I could get restricted license but do I have to go in front of the kentucky Judge to get my restrictions?
Ask your former attorney what you need to do to be in compliance with your probation.
Can my license be suspended in Kentucky ,for a indiana dwi conviction. I have a cdl.
Already had one dui amended down to reckless driving in 2009, caught the second one april of 2012. 2012 has not been resolved as of yet. Trying to keep from Losing my license and lively hood. In need of some help.
You need to consult a local lawyer in your area right away. Go to the appropriate tab on AVVO.
Got a DUI first offense + 530.060 (endangering welfare of minor)in KY. Never been in trouble b4 and wondering what im looking at
Was in wreck 4 years ago and went to hospital. Never seen any law enforcement and also everytime ive been pulled over or went through roadbloack nothing popped up. One day get seatbelt ticket and boom they take me to jail for a benchwarrant for a crime i knew nothing about. I've never been in trouble before except traffic tickets and don't know what to do.
As for the DUI you are looking at a 30-120 day suspension of your license a fine up to $500, up to thirty days in jail....