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Is there a statue of limitations on a capias in DE?
A DUI occurred in 2005 and I failed to appear at the court proceeding.
Arrest warrants generally remain active until they are executed. A dui occurred in 2005, meaning I suppose you were...
I WAS DRIVING HOME STRUCK A TRUCK CALLED THE POLICE. During the process of waiting for a officer a motorcycle struck me. The officer then reported n said he smelled alcohol gave me a sobriety test the ask if I would agree to take blood work I said yes. He then took me n gave me a chemical test 3 hrs. prior after he then said I blew a .99 and charged me with four counts of vehicular assaults plus a dui what am I facing
I doubt you blew a .99 otherwise you wouldn't be alive to ask this question. Nevertheless you should consult with an...
Can i ask for a blood test instead of a breath test in a dui arrest?
Im 17 and was pulled over for a suspected dui. i was detained and asked to perform a breath test. i asked for my parents or a lawyer and wanted to take a blood test instead but the officer wrote me down as a refusual.
Actually, he probably did you a favor by not giving you a test since it is harder to win a case without a blood or...
How to get temporary custody of my 2 grandchildren. Her mother is going to jail for the 4th DUI. My son is dead.
There is bad blood between us. We legally tried for temp. custody in Jan 14 when she was sentenced for her 3rd DUI. We lost the case. She then kept the kids from us until this afternoon. Apparently she has fled MD and is in Utah but we think she is fixing to get picked up by the law. She called and allowed me to talk to the kids for the first time since Feb 14. She wants to place the kids with us but wants to get them the minute she is released which is likely to be a while. She receives $1100 SS/mo for the kids because my son died. We want to keep the kids util she is sober and responsibly but not on her terms . Then we got to understand healthcare and school issues.
You need to speak with a local attorney to get this done. You said you've already lost an attempt to get custody, so I...
Is it proper for a Delaware police officer to cite someone for Walking Drunk on a Public Highway, but release them immediately?
Delaware Law Chapter 175/2211 (b) "Any person incapacitated by alcohol except where apprehended under a criminal charge, shall be taken into protective custody, and forthwith brought to an approved public treatment facility for emergency treatment. ..." Delaware Law Chapter 175/2203 Definitions (9) "'Incapacitated by alcohol' means that a person as a result of the use of alcohol, is unconscious or has his judgment otherwise so impaired that he Is incapable of realizing and making a rational decision as to his need for treatment. ..." Can a person really be drunk enough so that, as a pedestrian, they are a hazard to themselves or others or property, yet they are still capable of making a rational decision as to their need for treatment?
You must have a reason for asking since your question and self-answered narrative seem more rhetorical than need based....
I received a subpoena in the mail as a witness for the state involving a DUI/Car Accident. I don't wish to go. Do I have to?
I understood that is the subpoena came by mail and not by a sheriff hand delivering then I don't have to honor the subpoena. True or not true.
It sounds from your description like this is a criminal case. Delaware Super. Ct. Crim. Rule 7(d) says that service...
I am on total disability and was involved in an accident as the passenger of a drunk driver.
My medical bills exceeded the policy minimum and I am still seeing a therapist for PTSD. They called the driver and harassed him saying my medical bills were coming close to exceeding the minimum. you see my boyfriend was the driver so I think they thought I would stop going to the dr which I needed to do for proper care. Can I get more of a settlement than the policy states for bodily injury since I will still continue to see a therapist concerning my PTSD.
You can't get blood from a stone and unless you want to go after your boyfriends personal assets your options are...