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I fulfilled all but one obligation assigned by the judge upon my DUI sentencing. I have 20 treatment "classes" to attend and have only been to 4 so far. I'm still going and progressing very well. Fact is i wouldnt have been able to complete 20 classes in 3 months anyhow since they are once a week so i have to reappear next Friday. Unfortunately, being truthful during the evaluation has not worked in my favor since the judge seems to be turning this into more of a marijuana issue than a DUI issue. What are the chances he will give me a UA when I go back to court and what happens if i fail? Before joining the Army 12 years ago it took 86 days to clear from my system and i didnt cheat even once. Will i immediately go to jail? Will he let me continue treatment? Please help
Every judge is different. In order to get the best educated best possible, you should contact a criminal defense...
I will have a restricted DL in KS with ignition interlock installed. I have served the initial 45 day suspension of the 1st year suspension and then will continue to have the IID for the 2nd year restriction to fulfill my DMV requirements as a result of a DUI. I will be moving to Indiana while still in the 1st year suspension. KS DMV informs me by telephone conversation to have an IID approved in both KS and IN installed here in KS and to have Indiana calibrate/download per their state and manufacturer's requirements when I move there and to send a notarized letter informing KS of my move to IN. Want to be compliant with my KS DMV requirements so that eventually I can get the release from KS DMV at the end of these 2 years and get a valid unrestricted DL in IN. Guidance please! Thanks
Follow the directions provided by the DMV, they control this end of it. It's always complicated to move states during...
Has been to court numerous times and the da just says to plead guilty. kbi tested his blood 4 times and all neg.Da says machine is bad .this week now result comes back positive.has not pleaded out yet. is there a time limit on how long it can go.
This really is something he needs to discuss with his attorney. Obviously the prosecutor believes there is additional...
I was accuzed of drinking . I denied.the.accusal.. Offered to take a breathelyzer . The officer.did.not have one so i asked if i wS.being.arrested or detained. He said no.. So i.chose to.walk away. He later sent memo to my probation officer who installed in motion to revoke
There was a strong odor of alcohol on your breath, your gate was staggered, your eyes bloodshot, and your speech was...
This is after completing 1 yr of license suspension on a first DUI charge and completing Diversion monitoring for a yr. I had refused to provide breathlizer sample leading to this arrangement.
You should contact your attorney that helped you on your case or contact the dmv.
I received a DUI I told my lawyer to check into my background they never did and theres absolutely nothing on my record I should have been able to divert my DUI but now I will be charged with it because the lawyer never looked into my background when specifically asked him to before we even went to court the first time so should i appeal my DUI conviction or fire my lawyer and file a complaint with the Bar Associationt?
If you are unhappy with your lawyer, get a second opinion (from a lawyer, not a website). No one here knows the facts...
I'm three months away from being done with my diversion. I've completed all other requirements. I was not intoxicated, nor is there any evidence that I drank out of it. I know sometimes parole officers give second chances what about diversion officers? And if I do get charged for the DUI do I have to pay all the fees all over again and restart the 360 days where I can't drive all over again?
YO, were you parked or was the car moving? How many other people in the vehicle and did any of them say it was their...