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It means that their may be something wrong with the testing apparatus. I would find a DUI/DWI specialist in your area....
i was drunk when my car was searched pills were found i told them they were mine so my girlfriend wouldnt go to jail and my son go to cps
Your question doesn't tell us if you have been charged with an offense, and, if you have, where and what. You need to...
Finally received my license with restrictions and an interlock in Michigan. Now I get a substantial job offer in Virginia. I need to know what the posibilities are. Can I just not take up permenant residence in VA and just work and be sure to make my calibration appointments? or Can I transfer my license with or without restrictions to VA? What is the best route? WHat is possible? I do need to drive for this job. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mike
Call the Court in the county where you hope to move to, ask to speak to the probation department and ask them if they...
Offense is operating while impaired. Have restricted license for 3 months. On probation for 6 months. My BAC was .16...They mentioned a color system and when my color is called I have to go get tested. Will they just test me for alcohol since my offense involved alcohol or do they test for all drugs anyway?
They may test you for just alcohol. They may also test you for drugs via a urine screen. That is dependent on the...
Heidi's Law negated legislative law in place at the time of these plea's. Convictions cleared due to time limitations are now permanently displayed on secretary of state motor vehicle records.
I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. Sentencing guidelines only come into play if you are convicted of a felony.
First owi no record at all...what do I do when I go to court April 1? The officer took my license and now I have a paper one...I have a baby and I drive my man to and from work everyday as he is the main income of the household...I'm terrified and regret leaving the house that night. I blew .16 I won't go to jail will I??? I also work and between my boyfriend and I would they let me do a payment plan until all my fines are paid off. And when can I get a new license???
I cannot stress how important it is for you to have an experienced OWI lawyer represent you. If you cannot afford one,...
Had couple misdemeanors which have been dismissed so my record was clean prior to this. Passed all tests except breath test blew .16, didn't eat at all and I'm slim. Not the drinking type and wish I could turn back time. Never going to drink again. I have a baby and fiance and this is not suppose to be part of our lives. I'm scared to go to court and I wish I was rich to pay the fines that are to come all off. I need a payment plan as well as I need my license to be able to do the daily activities and responsibilities of everyday life. I don't have the funds for a lawyer so should I ask for a court appointed attorney April 1 when I go to court for this offense? I'm scared and I know right when I get there I'm going to cry.
If you cannot afford to hire an attorney ask the court to appoint you one. The paper license you have is temporary and...