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I attended a party where i had planned to stay the night being it was a hotel. Within the course of 3 hours I consumed 3 shots and a beer. Towards the end i went into the hot tub, which was separate from the room. While in their someone from the party comes in and says "the cops are here, we have to leave". So i get redressed and leave the pool area and assumed it was okay too leave. I planned on just going straight home however my friend offered for me to drive two other people from the party home too. So I reluctantly did, and no more than 4 minutes down the road from the party I get pulled over for not signaling and arrested for DUI. Not to mention passed all of their tests too.
You should contact a DUI lawyer in your area. If you passed all the tests you may be able to fight the case. In...
It was a dark rainy night, I am blind in my right eye and drive with caution. I was in the middle of a one way, 2 lane road when I made a right turn into the parking lot-I was being passed on the right by a young lady in a hurry. Our cars barley clipped each other and the state police were called, I had been working all day doing leaves ( I have a landscape business ) had had nothing to eat all day but I did have a few beers at the end of my day when this happened. The officer was very rude to me and seemed to be in a hurry to, as I found out it was the end of his shift and he was excited about just passing some class and wanted to show the girl his authority. the Breathalyzer was given the officer problems and I failed the test. Got a .09 something, just barley over -what do I do?
If you have not been convicted of a DUI or used a program known as the Alcohol Education Program, you be eligible for...
Motor Vehicle, DUI, Operating under suspended liscense
It will be corrected
I herd after 2013 they are no longer given.
In Connecticut I believe these are referred to as Special Operator Permits. You should consult with a local attorney to...
My question is does it make sense - or should they call first. He has a proclivity to make rash decisions. He also is currently out of work and broke.
Your friend should retain a North Carolina attorney who will contact the prosecutor to work out the details before he...
I have a difficult situation, basically homeless, my landscape business is finished for the season, I had lots of problems with my equipment which took all my savings, which wasn't much. I'm starting out on a dui charge with a hundred bucks, this is going to be next to impossible to handle without some help. I need help with the courts and fines, especially DMV ( if there is somebody that maybe can just do that ) I need to be able to work, if work comes in. I've been told being self employed, I probably will not qualify for public defender, so I need help with the courts and judge. Is there ANYBODY out there? Please help, my life is at stake. I am 53, this is first offense, I have a great rep around town, been in business 17 yrs, I have no family/friends-just customers. Please help
This is not the place to advertise for a lawyer. Ise the Find a Lawyer section. Many lawyers will work out a payment...