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What kind of test is used for a normal alcohol/drug screen in Hall County for misdemeanor DUI probation?
I have recently found out through a coworker that a test called Etg exists that can be set off by Listerine and hand sanitizer. I was never told about this test or told to avoid certain products. Is this test being used on me? Should I avoid eating food cooked in wine too? My wife uses it all the time. If it's just an ethanol test I won't be worried, but if it's this Etg test, I've researched it and read about a lot of false positives.
I do not know about Hall County, but the ETG test is more of a zero tolerance test that measures levels over a longer...
Do I have a strong case if I refused a breath test?
I was pulled over in November. The officer said he smelled alcohol and asked for a field sobriety test but I refused. He then placed me under aresst ? I was charged with dui and failure to maintain lane. What are my chances or options?
Hire a lawyer immediately. The fact that you refused, while good in that you did not provide evidence that could be...
What kind of alcohol test is used normally on probation for a DUI in Hall County? Is it an Etg test or just an ethanol test?
I am very curious as to which tests my urine is being subjected to.
As a defense attorney, I recommend that you stop trying to figure out ways to beat the test.
Can I get a refund if no ALS hearing date is scheduled?
DUI REFUSAL - After my plea entry of Not Guilty, my court date could be some time out. Should I wait until AFTER my jury trail to request the refund or is their a Statue of Limitations for ALS hearings?
What type of refund are you talking about? Are you wanting a refund from your lawyer, your bondsman or what?
Kids reporting my ex husband has been intoxicated during visitation -please help
I am the primary, physical custodian of my 2 children, ages 11 and 12. My ex husband has court ordered visitation 2 wknds/month. Over the past few months I have noticed both my kids saying they don't want to spend the wknd with their dad. Recently, they tell me he is constantly drinking alcohol around them, stumbling, talking strange and vomiting, etc. The kids also tell me they were made to ride in his car while he was driving drunk. With this information being relayed per my 2 kids, how do I protect them? I have no proof that any of this took place. My ex has a long history of alcoholism, but of course, I can't prove that either. Please advise.
You need to hire a good attorney and file a Modification of Visitation asap, alleging that he is intoxicated during hi...
Had car accident in November 2011 and other driver was at fault. Found out later she was intoxicated and settled in court.
The driver turned left in front of me when I had the green light and I T-boned her. She was injured and charged with the accident. My young daughter had a bad bump on the head and my son and I weren't injured. Just shaken up. The insurance adjuster pushed to settle quickly which I thought was fine since I needed the money quickly to buy a new car since mine was totaled. I found out over a year later that the other driver was intoxicated and was charged and settled in court. The insurance adjuster did not tell me this and I had no idea until 1.5 years later. Is there anything I can do?
No; this is an unfortunate lesson. Always speak with an attorney. There is a reason we offer free consultations. Sorry.
On probation for DUI and underage drinking at age 19, I'm 20 now. Just got a speeding ticket while on probation for going 66...
for going 66 in a 45. What will happen to my license, probation, etc...
You need to hire a lawyer to help make sure your new ticket doesn't result in a violation of your probation and...