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  • Two arrested in burglary case

    Tuesday Feb 10 | via Northern Virginia Daily 

    Front Royal police have arrested two homeless men who are accused of burglarizing a small engine equipment store on Nov. 17. Police Chief Norman Shiflett said Joseph Thomas Feny, 23, and Christopher Barton Ashby Chappell, 21, have each been charged with one count of burglary and one count of conspiracy to commit burglary. Both also face a misdemeanor count of petit larceny linked to the burglary.


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  • Middleburg Man Charged in Bank Robbery, Purse Snatching

    Monday Feb 2 | via 

    Manassas City Police announced Monday the conclusion of a nearly five-week-long investigation into a pair of crimes that led to the identification of Clayton Lee Hill of Middleburg as a suspect in a Dec. 31 purse snatching at a local grocery store. Hill, 52 , of 22060 Waverly Heights Road in Middleburg, also has been charged in the Jan. 7 robbery of a bank in downtown Manassas, police said.


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Front Royal Law

I have 3 dui's 99', 2001, 2005.
The only habitual offender evaluation still in Virginia is for restoration of your license after you have been declared...
have been on va (warren county,Va) without any issues. recently been charged with a dui. still mhave 6 years probation left with 80 years suspended on a drug conspiracy charge. i currently live and have been living in pa since i was released from prison in 2008, however i am on va probation which was interstate compacted to pa .i want to know what my situation entails and whats the best advice for me at this time.
If you are being charged with a DUI, then you should have an attorney represent you on the case. If you were on...
DUI in 2012 in Missouri, received 2yr probation. Missouri violated me for minor traffic infraction. Paid fine. Yesterday, Missouri sends me a notice of 30 day driver's license suspension - 3 years after offense. Is Virginia going to suspend my license for a year?! For out-of-state DUIs you have the right to petition the court. I'm pretty sure I would be eligible for restricted but looking for guidance. Also I have completed intensive outpatient treatment and been sober for years now.
All states are supposed to honor each other's suspensions, so Virginia is supposed to suspend you. You may ask for a...
I've had something that's been bothering me for a while. To make a long story short, I went out with a friend for karaoke, met a European guy who seemed very nice and kept buying me drinks. When my coworker left, he offered to drive me. Since he rode with friends, I let him take my car. I wasn't aware of how drunk he may have been, and he not only wrecked my car, but he left me at the scene and told me not to say anything because of something about being deported. I wasn't sure what he meant or what was going on, so I stayed and ended up getting charged and convicted of the 1st DUI because I was at the scene, and the car was registered to me. I've had a perfectly clean record. I never said I was driving, but my mistake according to the judge is saying I didn't drive. What do I do?
If it has been more than ten days since the general district Court trial, you learn the lesson to not take...
My husband was arrested for DUI, went to trial, paid all fines. He completed the sentencing required. My question is he has a out of state license (he is in the military). He has all documentation that was needed to have his restricted license. We received a letter in the mail saying that he is not licensed and cannot drive. He received a restricted license from the judge. He paid the reinstatement fee of $200 at the DMV for his out of state license.
You question hinges on what state is telling him he is licensed and can not drive. If it is his home state, then he...
I blew a .084 and I got pulled over for speeding 65/45. They drove me to detain me and then I blew a .14 the second time at the sheriff's office. I have never had a DWI/DUI, what are the chances of the DWI getting dismissed and what should be my next step?
The prosecutors don't just reduce or dismiss DUIs unless there are issues with the case. So now is the time to consult...
I have 2 prior offenses for driving without a license and due to inability to pay off fines my license was suspended by DMV and I was given a third ticket after driving again this time for driving on a suspended lisence. I have a public defender but I have not been able to speak with him because he is near impossible to get a hold of. I am a mother of 2 children and 8 months pregnant with my third. Due to finding out my husband is married to another woman and having to find a new ace to live and basically starting my entire life over as a single mother while being unemployed I have not been able to pay fines or get my license reinstated and I need to avoid jail at all costs as there is no one to take care of my children except myself. Any advice would be helpful at this point I am desperat
Yes, you might be sentenced to jail for this offense. If you are found guilty that means it was proven that you knew...