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Arrested for DWI in drive way. Police didn't see them driving, but have witnesses that called in. Could the entire stop be contested? Did take a blood test and failed. No field sobriety test.
The cops didn't see you driving? In order to be convicted of DWI the state must prove that you were (1) Operating a...
Got stopped for speeding , took right turn and hit median while helping a friend in the passenger side.. .took sobriety test and according the cop i failed. After maybe about a hour later while in the holding cell the cop and another lady drew blood from me. Got charged with my first DWI, really worried at this point and would like to know what would the consequences be and can i avoid jail time? i have a son to support cant afford to be in jail.
Your BAC (blood alcohol content) was a little over two times over the legal limit of .08 as established by congress in...
I was arrested for a dui and an ars 13-1203 assault charge on or about dec 30th of 2013..Recently moved to tx and want to obtain my insurance license.. I have a powerful attorney in az working on my cases but yet, still awaiting trial.. Do you think my fingerprints will be granted here in tx or how does that work?? Truly appreciate any replies of knowledgeable information..thx again
You can have your fingerprints taken. Wether or not this affect you getting your insurance license or not i'm not sure....
I was involved in a car accident a few months ago. My tire pressure light was on and my tire blew up, made me hit a curb and flipped a few times. The car was totaled and I was taken to the hospital. The hospital staff was mostly concerned if I was drinking and driving instead of my own health. I was in pain and dehydrated, I kept asking for water and they refused. The cops showed up asked me questions I mostly kept my mouth shut. They asked for a blood test and I told them to give me water and they took that as me refusing, issued a warrant and in 20 minutes took my blood test. They performed the eye test as well. I was then released by the hospital and arrested by the police officers. I only had 2 drinks that night and aware of my limits, I strongly believe my drink was spiked by my date.
Tough but possible defense. Do you need help finding an experienced DWI attorney?
3 years ago got DUI in Oklahoma I had to pay 1000 dollars for court cost 12 month mail probation and take classes all I want is my drivers license back and not go to jail I checked if I had a warrant and I'm not on the list for the city I got it in....what should I do I also live in texas
Speak with a DUI lawyer in Oklahoma to see if you are eligible for a license. If you are, apply in Texas and see what...
The person filing didn't put it as part of the app but I'm now disclosing it for my n400. DUI was dismissed . can this affect me ?
Yes, any misrepresentation can affect you, but since it was not in the past 5 years and there was no conviction, you...
I was in a car wreck back in the middle of May which I lost control of my car and hit the barrier an overpass due to rain. I was arrested for a dwi after telling the officer I had left a bar recently and did the field sobriety test and the handheld brethalyzer. He took me to the hospital to get my wounds checked and they took my blood there as well and packaged it up. However, they also took my blood when they booked me at the jail, which a family friend told me was pretty odd. After being released I was given my license back and have heard nothing back in 6 weeks except for a ticket in the mail for "driving at an unsafe speed" which I took care of and as of 6/28 my license is still eligible. Should I still be waiting for something or did I get off lucky?
It can take several months to get the lab results back. Most DWI blood cases are taking at least four months to get...