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I have both devices I blew a .10 and i got 2 yrs prob and 30 days in jail, ,comm serve, and I am first time DWI offender. The man at the interlock office says in his 5 yrs there I am the ONLY person he has seen with both. I can't be in 2 places at 1 time and I feel this has been a trap from the beginning now with only 4 mo left on prob and have complied with all of my restrictions and have had no problems there is a possibility I may have my probation revoked due to missed test on my home device although the dates and times missed can be compared to device in my vehicle and seein fact complying, no one seems to care they just say I missed the test and are talking about revoking my probation. I am fearful as I am a single mother and I had to go for 30 days and it almost destroyed us
The law is that the judge can make whatever probation conditions she thinks are reasonable. I have had many clients on...
I have missed blows on my home interlock device however I do have an interlock device as well and I have NEVER had a violation on either as far as "blowing dirty" and 90% of the missed blows at home can be compared to the vehicle device and it will show that I was in fact blowing in the vehicle device on those dates and times. I have had both devices since Nov 2011 and was requesting a modification and the judge has set a date for me to appear so I am concerned he will revoke my probation and I am just trying to get as much feedback and info as possible.
As long as there are no other violations of probation, and as long as there is no evidence of your tampering with any...
Can he plea down to any sort of misdemeanor? He has two (or maybe three) prior duii in Louisiana. He has status conference next month.
He would be looking at 2 - 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000.00 fine. However, it is common for many individuals...
Galveston Co., no breathalyzer, but blood test was required (no refusal weekend)
There is a relatively new case, Missouri vs. McNeely, which says that there is no exception for the state to draw your...
unfortunately my court appointed lawyer didn't inform me of the ability to get an occupational license or help me get one. now almost a year later I have found out that I can get one. how difficult is this to achieve? this is my only dwi. is this a lengthy process and how likely is it to get turned down? I have to get back and forth to work. I have already received a ticket for not having a valid license.
Read this:
My husband was arrested back on February 16th and was charged with a 3rd dwi he said that he only had 3tall boys and wen to pick me up from work and the bar on the tire broke and the car swerved and he got pulled over. He did not breath in that thing but they forced him to take blood
I would definitely get an attorney especially since subsequent DUI convictions usually carry harsher penalties and...
Its only my second in Texas.But I have two others in different states
Well, Texas has a way of picking up those pesky priors, so it's not really your first if they can prove up those priors....