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  • 911 briefs

    Tuesday May 5 | via RecordNET 

    Deputies were dispatched shortly after noon on a report of a student with a gun at Civic Pride Independent Academy, a school in the Lincoln Unified School District, in the 1900 block of West Swain Road. The school provides a second chance for students who have been expelled from other schools.


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  • 911 BRIEFS

    Monday May 4 | via RecordNET 

    The victim was walking to the front gate of the location when he was approached by the two robbers, one of whom had a handgun and demanded his wallet. After he turned to run away, the gunman shot at him three times, hitting him once.


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French Camp Law

How to find out when my Dui probation is over and if I can expunge my dui?
I pledge guilty to a wet and reckless in April of 2013. I want to find out when my probation will be over and if I can expunge my wet and reckless? Reason is because I want to join the army.
First, it's a "wet reckless," not a "wet and reckless." Go to the court clerk's office and ask to see the sentencing...
If you have a new car and it still has paper dealer plates on it can a cop pull you over. The stop resulted in a DUI
Details same
Of course a cop can still pull you over. The cop probably had another reason for pulling your over beyond the "paper...
Is it legal to be given a fix it ticket during a DUI check point stop, and to be given the same ticket while the first is valid?
I was stopped at a DUI check point and given multiple fix it tickets for a modified motorcycle. While the first ticket has not passed its due date and still applies. I was stopped at a normal traffic stop and was given another fix it ticket for 2 of the same things. Can i fight both of these tickets?
Yes. You can correct and show proof of correction at the police department and they will sign off or once you receive...
Hiw can we pay his fines without him going to jail.
Several years ago my kids dad was pulled over for driving undee the influence, he was fined for having fraudulent documents as well. At the time he was very heavy in drugs, now he has been clean for 4 years and wants to try and pay his debts but does not want to spend time in jail. What are his options now epexially after it has been almost six years.
The first thing to do is call the Stockton criminal defuse clerk at 209-992-5691 and ask if there is a warrant out...
My friend got pulled over in stockton ca, the officer to his visa and it was never returned to him. How can he get it back.
He got pulled over for drunk driving, went to court and has to do a work program amd pay fines but nobody knows what happened to his visa.
Check with the jail. Check with the arresting law enforcement sheriff, PD or Highway patrol. Do not wait. Act on this...
Who gave dmv authority to make decisions outside of the court?
I just got a second dui unfortunately. I went to court and was sentenced 9 months dui classes. Dmv is telling me mandatory 18 month classes. How can dmv make this decision legally? Who gave them authority to make my consequences worse than the judge? And if this is "mandatory" then why wouldn't the judge just say 18 months to begin with so offenders aren't feeling jerked around? This just doesn't make sense to me. If i do the 9 months only, will the dmv withhold my license forever? Can I just move to another state after the 9 months and get a license there? This is the main reason i ask, i was suppose to move this week to nevada and am not wanting to stay in cali for IA for the next 18 mo ths Ugh, so many questions, please help!
The CA Legislature made the laws and the DMV is responsible for enforcing the vehicle code in certain circumstances as...
I've been convicted with a DUI and eluding a police officer in California. When can I get it expunged?
This is my first offense.
After your probationary term expires, you can petition the court to expunge your criminal records. It is discretionary...