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Sentenced to one year of probation. Passed all monthly drug/alcohol tests.
You can always ask, but expect resistance from the prosecutor. Usually, if your plea agreement calls for a specific...
DUI in Indiana with Michigan license. Court ordered license suspension. Checked with MI SOS and driving status is still clear.
It's impossible to say how long it will for Michigan to be notified. Yes, Michigan can do its own thing regarding the...
The officer said my car swerved a little and chalks it up to the alcohol content... I concede my car had run out of fuel and was lurching and that's the reason I swerved some at that time
You should plead not guilty to a DUI until you have hired a DUI attorney who can evaluate the details of your case. A...
This is my first offense dui. My BAC was .187 already pleaded guilty at first ohio hearing. They are going to have me spend 3 days in jail and then 3 days in driver intervention program. Ohio did give me my Indiana license back, but they have said I am suspended from driving in ohio. Not sure how long. But my question is. Will my home state of Indiana suspend my license? And will Indiana prosecute me with other penalties for having an out-of-state DUI? Any help please!
Once Indiana receives notification from Ohio regarding the DUI conviction, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will...
live n Indiana and got OVI in Ohio. ive already pleaded guilty and served 3 days in van wert county jail. still have to do 3 days in a driver intervention program. first with out of state charge will my indiana license be suspended? i know in court they said im suspended from driving in ohio for 6 months and if i want to after 15 days can get driving privliges as long as i have a ignition interface lock. and second i have 1 year probation, will they come to indiana to search my residence or have me do random urine tests. can i still drink at my friends wedding this summer? my probation officer has on my probation paper to just call him monthly so im guessing its unsupervised probation. any help regarding any of this is a great help. thank you
I'd definitely contact an attorney in your area (Van Wert) who specializes in criminal defense and probation terms....
DUI & on probation.
You're not allowed to drink alcohol on probation. No attorney is going to tell you how to break the law. Stop drinking.
I had got my license suspended last year here in Indiana and I did everything I was supposed to do here but then I found out that I had tickets in Texas from 2006 and I called and they told me that they are warrants and there is also one from 99 that's a juvenile warrant . So I don't know what I would do now I'm I going to go to jail!
You will need to hire an attorney in Texas to handle these matters for you. Depending on the circumstances, your...