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Wondering if someone with an HTV (suspended for 10 yrs) can petition the court without having to wait 5 full years now in 2015?
Does a person who suffers a mandatory ten year driver's license suspension (separate from court) have to wait five years (without a driving offense) before petitioning the court for a probabtionary license for work? I heard the rule was repealed at the start of 2015 and want to verify. If this person is allowed to petition through court and a probabtionary license is issued, is it possible this person can drive children around in the vehicle if going to and from their school? They recieved an HTV due to 4 arrests for DUI's in the last 10 yrs. What the court may not know when this person is petitioning is that this person lost custody of their son due to them drinking and driving with a child in their vehicle.
Technically they may be eligible for Special Driving Pivileges, which is the new name for a probationary license. If...
At a party a female drank and smoked weed, and the male only smoked weed is it rape because the female was drunk?
were both 16 we both smoked weed only the female drank and was very drunk
Maybe. Being unable to consent makes sex rape.
Can i be detained with no reasonable or valid reason?
My friend was pulled over for speeding after consuming a couple beers. The officer tried to give her a breathalyzer test but it was faulty. With no reasonable or valid reason, he took her to the Police post to use a different breathalyzer where she registered and was arrested. She was never read her rights and was never asked to perform a sobriety test at the scene. WHAT GAVE HIM THE RIGHT TO DETAIN HER FOR FURTHER TESTING?
It appears that the state will claim that there was probable cause or at least reasonable suspicion. A motor vehicle...
I had a vop and never showed up for court I'm on probation in one county and.vop and warrant in another one was dui 0.08
I have a class a mis for purchase over 3 grams ephedrine then this dui then class c mis possion of drug look alike
The best advice I can give you is to hire a good criminal defense attorney and start taking responsibility for your actions.
If I have been stopped and blew .097 and the alcohol limit is .08... Should I plead not guilty to a DUI?
The officer said my car swerved a little and chalks it up to the alcohol content... I concede my car had run out of fuel and was lurching and that's the reason I swerved some at that time
You should plead not guilty to a DUI until you have hired a DUI attorney who can evaluate the details of your case. A...
Arrested in indiana for OWI - court date is Tuesday 8:30 - does my brother need a lawyer? What will occur?
Not sure of alcohol level -
Yes your brother should have a lawyer. If you want to try and find some attorneys in your area here on AVVO, select "...
Convicted of OWI in Allen County (Indiana), is it possible to apply for early termination of probation? It's been over six month
Sentenced to one year of probation. Passed all monthly drug/alcohol tests.
You can always ask, but expect resistance from the prosecutor. Usually, if your plea agreement calls for a specific...