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How difficult is it to get a dui trial postponed for 6 months after initial court date?
The reason behind this question is two things...1) It will give me more time to come up with the finances. 2) I am on unsuprivised probation until April 2015. I would like to be off that before the trial.
The criminal justice system will not be bending to suit your needs. Sorry, but you do not get what you want for the...
In regard to my recent dui, should I hire an attorney that practices in the city/county or an out of county attorney?
I have heard different opinions in this matter. I know of an attorney that has a great reputation but works 120 miles away from the city in which I was arrested. I was also told that an attorney that works often with in the jurisdiction that I was arrested would generally bring better results.
It can help to know the local system and the players. However, an out of jurisdiction attorney can find out a lot of...
Can I go to DMV and get a license before they suspend it after DUI
Got DUI, cops took license but it won't be suspended for another 30 days. Can I go to dmv and get another one?
Not without breaking the law: When you go to the DMV, you have to sign a statement that you have not been arrested for...
I missed my court date in fort payne alabama for a dui. I had a court appointed attorney which i did not make use of.
Would hiring an attorney help me resolve my case. Or will I more than likely have to serve jail time for missing the sentence.
If you missed court then a warrant was likely issued for your arrest. This does not mean you will serve jail time on...
I was arrested but *not* convicted (yet) for a DUI. Is there anywhere I would be able to rent a car?
I'm going on a business trip in a week and a half and I am expected to rent a car when I get there. However, I was arrested a few months back for a DUI. I have not been convicted (yet and hopefully never), but I'm sure this got on my driving record. Is there anywhere that I can rent a car? Do any of the companies not run a DMV report? I don't want to get to the counter and have my application rejected in front of co-workers. My company doesn't know of my situation and I need to keep it that way.
Car rental companies do not generally run DMV reports or investigate driving records. They check for a valid driver's...
I am being placed into the CLEAN program in Alabama for a first offense DUI of a minor.
Along with drug testing will I also be tested for alcohol? Also is it possible to take away the plea deal and do the original punishment? What exactly are the original punishments for a DUI of a minor?
You will be tested for alcohol. You could possibly go back on your "deal". To answer your last question a lawyer...
What can I do to get a recent pedestrian under influence citation taken off my record?
I am 17 and was walking down w beach blvd at night after drinking a couple beers. I was walking because I didn't want to get in the car with someone I assumed to be drinking. I was stopped by a police officer and admitted to having a couple of beers. I was brought to the police station and received a ticket for pedestrian under influence. This is the only ticket/citation I have ever received. The Statute number is 32-5a-221 What can I do to get this off of my record? Will this hurt future employments? Will I be eligible for a diversion program or be able to get this expunged? Would it be smart to hire an attorney and fight this or should I just pay the fine? Thanks.
Hire a local criminal defense attorney and try to keep it off your record for the rest of your life. You have to get...