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  • Fort Mill woman pleads guilty to lying to feds

    20 hrs ago | via The Charlotte Observer 

    Kirstie Elaine Philome Barratt, 22, of Fort Mill, pleaded guilty Thursday in a federal courtroom in Columbia to a charge of making a false statement to a federal agent, authorities said. A Fort Mill woman pleaded guilty Thursday in a federal courtroom in Columbia to a charge of making a false statement to a federal agent, authorities said.


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  • Woman Admits Lying To Cops When FBI Agent Was Shot

    22 hrs ago | via CBS Local 

    Arrest warrant says Robert Kemp killed the child "by giving him a bear hug, squeezing the victim so tight that the victim stopped breathing as a result." FORT MILL, S.C. - Federal prosecutors say a 22-year-old woman has admitted she lied to agents before her boyfriend shot and wounded an FBI agent in a Fort Mill home earlier this year.


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Fort Mill Law

Is the portable breath alizer the same as the car one?
It might be. It's unclear if you have an ignition interlock device as part of a plea agreement or some other type of...
I was told that I could request a jury trial and everything would be dropped. My counselor told me the only way they would reduce it to wreckless driving is if this is true.
You should hire an attorney to handle this matter for you. If there is no video of you in the DUI you should be able to...
I was a licensed SC driver and was convicted of my 1st DWI in NC in Oct '07. My license was suspended for a year. I was then convicted of a 2nd misdemeanor DUI in SC in Jan '11 and a 3rd misdemeanor DWI in NC in Feb '11. These last 2 convictions haven't been reported to the other state's DMV as of yet (nearly 3 years). The SCDMV shows I was eligible to receive my license back in January of 2012 but NC reports I'm suspended until Feb. 2015. I am aware that further suspensions could result if & when NC/SC find out about the third DWI/DUI. I've tried to contact the courts & both state's DMVs to try and make them aware of the 3rd offense to no avail. I decided to wait until the NC suspension is up in 2015 to attempt to restore driving privileges but still fear suspensions then. What can I do?
Really the best thing to do is just wait out the process and not needlessly inform other states about these offenses....
I was convicted of three misdemeanor charges of Driving Under the Influence in NC/SC six years ago all in a span of one year. Since then, I have completed a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in criminal justice while working full-time. and staying clean and sober. I would like to be a substance abuse counselor and obtain my Master of Social Work. However, I am hesitant to spend the time and money acquiring this degree if ultimately I will be denied licensure. Can anyone offer sound advice as to whether this would be a worthwhile endeavor or an exercise in futility?
You don't have a problem in the DUI category -- you have a problem in the professional licensing or administrative law...
I currently live in SC and my license was revoked for DUI. I am moving to GA for a job and am trying to find out if they will issue me a GA license. I was under a suspension that will be up in a couple of months when the DUI happened and did not receive any paperwork about the revocation after the case was finished.
If your drivers license is suspended in one state there is a very strong likelihood that every other state is notified...
Why can I not receive provisionals? I work ,have completed adsap,attend community support groups and have been clean and sober since 3/9/2012.Also I transport my dad who is disabled to veterans hospital
I have a couple of different thoughts. First, if you had an attorney on the 2011 DUI, give them a call and talk to them....
I live in South Carolina, but got my DUI in North Carolina. My license was suspended for 1 year, paid the fines, and completed all alcohol classes. My attorney at the time said I may have to get the interlock system installed, but if I waited for 3 years to reinstate my license I wouldn't have to. I wanted a second opinion because her knowledge of the laws with me being from a different state was limited. I did not know this until after I hired her.
Most attorneys are only truly familiar with the law in the state in which they practice. You may want to consider...