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3 years ago i ended up making a bad decision and got a DUI. I was on PCS leave from Germany enroute to fort campbell, ky. I am now at my third duty station here in Fort lewis, wa. I got a letter from the state of wisconsin saying that they are going to suspend my drivers license if i do not complete a drinking education class Ex. (ASAP) so I self enrolled myself in a one day class with ASAP. I had to have my commander sign off on it. I did not tell him why i did due to privacy. my counselor called him stating why i was in the class. After he found out i had a dui enroute to ft campbell and they did not punish me in any way under the UCMJ he is trying to give me a GOMAR now. Can he do that? what can i do about it? any advice i can have i would love to have it. I planned on making this
I suggest you reach out to JAG and consult with them.
I Hold a CDL drivers license. Couple years ago I was pulled over for DUI in personal vehicle, and blew over the legal limit. Couple months later I win my WA DOL hearing. License never suspended, CDL never revoked. I ended up getting a Neg 1 in criminal court. Again, no license suspension or anything. Now I'm being told by an prospective employer that my CDL was effected by blowing over the legal limit. However, everything on my driving record says clear. Is it, my imagination, is the DOT and DOL completely different? Can my CDL be effected even though its never been suspended? Don't the DOT regulations apply from random, on the job alcohol/drug tests
Negligent Driving 1 is a serious traffic violation. If you...
I got them both closely together.My question is well I have to still get a interlock system installed, and get sr22 insurance. The fines I owe are from puyallup court and tacoma court I'm being garnished for one now,but should get it paid off with a tax return.What will I have to do an pay for to get my license reinstated?I've completed everything else the courts have ordered
The DOL will tell you what you need to do and if an ignition interlock and SR-22 insurance are required. Paying off...
He has a couple DUI convictions from years ago. He recently just made an agreement to purchase vehicle off of someone for work a month prior with monthly payments. The vehicle he was pulled over in. Unsure if he was DWI but the court indicates there was no charge listed just lack of a BAID. If the vehicle is in another person's name but he drove it as a means to get to work? Does that affect the charge?
Ignition interlock devices are strictly enforceable. If you do not have an IID on your vehicle and the court ordered...
From what date does a Negligent Driving 1st degree reduced from DUI begin? Date of conviction, or infraction?
Not entirely sure what you're asking. For the 2 year probation period, the date is from sentencing. For determining...
I have a current DUI case pending in court from this past September. Meanwhile this weekend I was detained by the original (same) officer in my DUI case and asked to perform a field sobriety test . (note: I was stopped in the road to pick my wife up who was walking on the sidewalk). The police office pulled up and put his lights on. He had me do a Sobriety test, which I passed, then he sent me on my way. No ticket, nothing. My concern and question is, will this show up on my record and more importantly show up as a DUI investigation on my record, and will the Judge be able to see it? Could this affect my current case? In Tacoma Wa, Pierce County, by Tacoma Police Dept.
If you weren't arrested and weren't given a ticket, you didn't do anything wrong. Why would a Judge count this against you?
I blew a .229 and had a DUI 10 years ago. Is a defferal still an option?
Most likely the Public Defenders will not have information before arraignment. However, at arraignment, you will want...