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My commander is giving me a gomar for a dui that happened three years ago and two duty stations ago, what can i do to prevent it
3 years ago i ended up making a bad decision and got a DUI. I was on PCS leave from Germany enroute to fort campbell, ky. I am now at my third duty station here in Fort lewis, wa. I got a letter from the state of wisconsin saying that they are going to suspend my drivers license if i do not complete a drinking education class Ex. (ASAP) so I self enrolled myself in a one day class with ASAP. I had to have my commander sign off on it. I did not tell him why i did due to privacy. my counselor called him stating why i was in the class. After he found out i had a dui enroute to ft campbell and they did not punish me in any way under the UCMJ he is trying to give me a GOMAR now. Can he do that? what can i do about it? any advice i can have i would love to have it. I planned on making this
I suggest you reach out to JAG and consult with them.
I had the interlock for 5 years per the deferred, was revoked, now have to have it again for another 6? Can I appeal this?
Entered into the deferred in 2006, paid all fines, completed treatment, however I got a felony very close to my completion date. I went to prison for the felony, and just went to my motion to revoke hearing, and went to jail for 60 days. I got home and found that I have to have the interlock for another 6 years? I would like to know if I can appeal this, and get my NONE interlock license back! My felony was not driving, or alcohol related, and have not had another DUI since.... Please advise, thanks! -Tobin
The ignition interlock requirement is set by the Department of Licensing and the length of time is dependent on the...
Can i still be charged with a DUI if i was 10-15 feet away from my vehicle with the keys in my pocket?
My car was in a ditch, i was on the phone with a towing company, cop comes and charges me and arrest me for a DUI. I was not behind the wheel, nor was my keys in the ignition. The officer did not pull me over.
Yes they can. However, your case may be stronger because they must independently be able to prove you drove the car....
Was this a legal stop? and will this violate Probation?
my license is suspended for a DUI, I have a Ignition interlock device and license. I was pulled over because the cop randomly ran my plates, which then came up with my information, saying I had a valid ID, but no valid Drivers License. It also said in his computer that I have been approved for a Ignition interlock license. (he even showed me his computer) he then wrote me a ticket for driving without a license, and I forgot my insurance at home, so I got a ticket for no insurance. The cop seemed VERY uneducated on Restricted Licenses.....I was legally driving so I am confused why I got pulled over in the first place. the Charges Were Code 46.20.015 and 46.30.020
Nobody can answer this question except the police officer who issued you the citation.
I am trying to get my license but connotation due to a dui that has caused me to become 1degree habitual.
I continued to drive for work and my status turned revoked habitual. I have completed outpatient treatment but due to the first degree tickets I am still having trouble getting my license. What do I do?
You need to quit driving now. You need to hire an attorney to figure out when your are eligible to apply for a license...
I Hold a CDL drivers license. Couple years ago I was pulled over for DUI in personal vehicle, and blew over the legal limit. Couple months later I win my WA DOL hearing. License never suspended, CDL never revoked. I ended up getting a Neg 1 in criminal court. Again, no license suspension or anything. Now I'm being told by an prospective employer that my CDL was effected by blowing over the legal limit. However, everything on my driving record says clear. Is it, my imagination, is the DOT and DOL completely different? Can my CDL be effected even though its never been suspended? Don't the DOT regulations apply from random, on the job alcohol/drug tests
Negligent Driving 1 is a serious traffic violation. If you...
What steps would I take, if my ex is constantly intoxicated, joint custody and Im worried.
My ex has been drinking alot. I feel like he drinks during the day, my daughter says he sleeps a lot and also has been drunk in public with her. This has been very stressful on me, he already fought for split, I am most concerned on how its affecting her and her safety. Ive done ex parte before divorce was finalized in regards to this, but it did not go in my favor. Whats the best way for me to go about this without looking like im just trying to take shots at him. Hes never had a dui, im shocked, I just need advice
You may file a Petition to modify the Parenting plan. If you are unsure how to proceed, that's a good indication that...