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3 years ago i ended up making a bad decision and got a DUI. I was on PCS leave from Germany enroute to fort campbell, ky. I am now at my third duty station here in Fort lewis, wa. I got a letter from the state of wisconsin saying that they are going to suspend my drivers license if i do not complete a drinking education class Ex. (ASAP) so I self enrolled myself in a one day class with ASAP. I had to have my commander sign off on it. I did not tell him why i did due to privacy. my counselor called him stating why i was in the class. After he found out i had a dui enroute to ft campbell and they did not punish me in any way under the UCMJ he is trying to give me a GOMAR now. Can he do that? what can i do about it? any advice i can have i would love to have it. I planned on making this
I suggest you reach out to JAG and consult with them.
At 2a. He left bar (4 shots) to rescue his friend who's was at a party, friends phone died, he was looking for him on side of road. (Slow down & speeding up while looking probably) he must have looked suspicious then he took off when he saw a cop thinking he'd get a dui cop sees him short chase, guy blows tire out or wrecks truck so he gets a dui blown on scene at time 0.7...but charged with dui legal limit 0.8. What is the malicious mischief charge for? do they give anyone who alludes cop & wrecks car who had even 1 beer a dui? What are the chances of this being less than $5000- he just paid 6k on all his old debts tickets Charged w felony 1 alluding police, dui & malicious mischief. He was gone from 2:30a h called me from jail at 5am
First, jail phone calls are typically recorded. It's really not smart for your friend to make any statements about the...
First DUI was 1993. Didn't take care of it until 2011. Warrant issued after I missed June 2013 date, would lose job if they kept me in jail. Didn't know how to handle
Plenty of attorneys have payment plans. In addition, if you have no money you can go to court and have a public...
I have had no other incidences of non-law abiding behavior over the last 4 years and just got caught up with a case of "baby brain" while shopping. Yes. There was unpaid merchandise in a cart, with my purse, in the interior breezeway of Walmart. However, I was walking outside to try to get some air and WiFi to look up which decongestants are safe to take during pregnancy, sans cart. As I was putting my jacket on a loss prevention officer put his hand on my arm and asked me to follow him. His partner retrieved the cart. Regardless of my intent and the fact that I was not touching the cart to move it off property, it looked horrible. I must go to court and take responsibility for my actions at 36 weeks pregnant. How will my deferment be effected? What should I do to prevent jail time etc.?
Yes, it is entirely possible that your participation in a pretrial diversion program will be cancelled. How will your...
I received a DUI in Washington state last year and did not take care of it. I currently live in Oklahoma and would like to resolve this. I'm sure there is a bench warrant for my arrest in Washington.
You will have to return to Washington State to resolve the case. I strongly suggest you hire an experienced DUI...
It is my understanding that the arresting officer, who was also the one to administer the breathalyser, was supposed to observe me for a constant 15 minutes before the test. This officer might have observed me for 5 min maximum. He asked me a few questions while filling out paperwork, like address etc. He was constantly leaving the room, talking with another officer, left and then came back and uncuffed me and took me to the breathalyser room. On the results report it said he observed me from 22:35 - 22:56. I know for a fact this is not true. How can I obtain the video of this supposed observation, and if he is caught falsifying a report would that be grounds to get this charge removed?
You are going to need an experienced DUI attorney to help you with this. Discuss the case only with your attorney, and,...
I got a underage DUI and I haven't gone to court yet because my court date hasn't came into the mail. My church is having a youth group party at one of the member's house and he said I could ride around his jet ski if I wanted to. Since I don't have a boaters license I would have to get one and my question is how will this DUI affect the process? Am I legally not allowed to get a boaters license and ride around a jet ski?
You need to hire a local criminal defense attorney who can advise you about these issues.