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3 years ago i ended up making a bad decision and got a DUI. I was on PCS leave from Germany enroute to fort campbell, ky. I am now at my third duty station here in Fort lewis, wa. I got a letter from the state of wisconsin saying that they are going to suspend my drivers license if i do not complete a drinking education class Ex. (ASAP) so I self enrolled myself in a one day class with ASAP. I had to have my commander sign off on it. I did not tell him why i did due to privacy. my counselor called him stating why i was in the class. After he found out i had a dui enroute to ft campbell and they did not punish me in any way under the UCMJ he is trying to give me a GOMAR now. Can he do that? what can i do about it? any advice i can have i would love to have it. I planned on making this
I suggest you reach out to JAG and consult with them.
I was appointed a probation officer during my arraignment. I have been back to court 4 times,go back Dec 4th. During my last court date I was told by the officer that checks you in that I was suppose to see my probation officer. I was in her office I asked if I changed the Venue for my trial if I had to see her . She said really snotty and mean "Do you know what a Venue is".I told of course I do. She asked me if I had done my assessment for drugs and alcohol. told her yes and I do not need treatment and UA came out negative. She was pissed and said you have an addiction and you do not need treatment? You have had 3 DUI's and you don't have to go to treatment? Again saying very snotty had these 2, DUI's 18 and 20 years ago. addicted to what? Who do I tell this too?Obviously not for me!
You need to speak to a DUI attorney about this. I would need more facts to determine if you have a case. Blowing .000...
I was charged with a DUI. Took breath test and blood test. Blood came back with nothing bc the cop forgot to ask for which drug he wanted tested. Blew Breath test,came out 0.00. Cops states I was on drugs. Took alcohol/drug Assessment, no treatment and passed UA. Prosecutor still wants to charge with DUI and court appointed says I could get possibly driving reckless driving. Cop also lied and stated he gave me a ticket for not having insurance,never did. Have insurance and pay 6 months ahead each time. Witness are the ones that called in saying I was driving poorly and driving on the wrong side of the road,not true and back out of a driving and did a U turn. Can't do it,you either go right or left you can't do a u turn backing out of anywhere. I want to go to trial. what should I do? Thxs
Sounds like a very defensible case. Don't know how they prove a case with no alcohol nor tox results.
We were off the road parked with the intention of calling LYFT (cab) when cop pulled up behind us ( no good reason). Wisconsin is not a "reporting" state. Should I fly out? Can an attorney appear for me? From what I understand Washington State has an off road defense - if you pull off with the intention of not driving further when intoxicated that can negate a DUI. I believe that we have a valid "off road" defense". This is first offense.
I can't imagine that getting a warrant from any State is a good thing. I am sure it will cause you problems,...
I had a blood and UA done at the hospital. Should I wait to get an attorney?
Yikes. No. Get an attorney now. Sometimes it takes time for the results of a blood test to return, and it can also take...
I was released in 12 hours and got an Attroney. No files have been charged, it has been over 3 months. How can I find out if I'm being charged?
You have an attorney? That person will be able to find out if you are going to be charged and advise you further.
My husband accidently ran into a standing object gas station causing minor damage. He went to exchange his info with station owner who took his ID and would not give it back, ran inside and called the cops. Racially profiled my husband(hispanic) and told them my husband was completely wasted and staggering everywhere because he had been drinking, which was a complete lie. Also tried to Deny my husband use of the public bathroom and claimed it to be broken. My husband informed that was illegal and so he immediately allowed my husband to use it. Cops arrived and immediately took station owners word where very rude and intimidating and told my husband he had to take a breathalyzer. Which of course, my husband passed because he had not been drinking or drugging and He was publically humiliated
You have no claim. As far as I am aware, the law does not recognize a cause of action for your situation. The law would...