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short version was that I was arrested at a friends house because me and my boyfriend got in an agreement when I was drunk and I was charged with 3rd degree d.v. they also are charging me with a dui. In the sworn report it stated had been driving my car prior to their they charged me with it.. My car had been there hours prior to me drinking. So I dont know what I should do. I was told that it was dropped because they didnt have proof and now they are.
You will need to hire an attorney to get the police reports for you and mount a defense if they are not willing to drop...
do almost all minors who get a DUI get their case moved to juvenile court? if not, what percentage do?
Most private lawyers are not going to keep tabs on whether minors charged with dui have their cases moved to juvenile...
Ok here goes. I am on probation for a assault and battery charge from last October. I have one month left and got a DUI. And yes I know I f'd up. I know I deserve what I get. But any advice on what to expect and what I should do. The DUI was on a night I thought it was a good idea to go with a friend to visit. I figured a drink wouldnt hurt. Next thing you know I've drank all night after not drinking for ten plus months. I ended up running into a barrier and had a blood level of .34. I am just happy I didn't hurt anyone.
The best thing you can do right now is hire an experienced DUI attorney. Hopefully they will be able to minimize the...
My son was pulled over for dui 3 weeks ago. He is also a minor. We retained an attorney immediately but he claims he has not yet received the arrest report from the police. Is there someone else we can contact to see if the arrest report is available and what other charges my son may be facing? We are both experiencing a great deal of anxiety after 3 weeks of no news whatsoever. We immediately went out and got the ignition interlock and permit and he has completed a chemical dependency eval but with no information and with nothing else productive to do to help his situation we are feeling hopeless, uninformed and unprepared for his court date in 2 weeks. Is it really possible that the arrest report has not been filed after 3 weeks? And is this delay a bad sign for my son? Thanks.
Be patient with the process. Your attorney is working in your son's best interests. As soon as they get the report...
This is my first dui and Itake my first time getting in trouble with the law.
No doubt you were driving wrecklessly (which is so appropriately misspelled--it's recklessly) but with a .24% BAC and a...
i was told that it was stupid to do but not a crime
Yes. It is real. Get a lawyer. Flipping off cops is plain stupid.
I have interlock for my personal vehicles but am unable to test drive customers cars after repairs. Is there any kind of permit or a way to be able to drive the cars for short distances legally?
Have you asked this question of your lawyer and/or the DMV in NE?