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My husband was arrested for DUI in Foley, Baldwin County, by a Sheriff. When I bonded him out he had paperwork telling him to go to Veterans Court. I can't find anything about it online. What can he expect there? Do they follow the same procedures as district court?
Substance abuse program that works through the courts and VA.
I got a dui in Ca in tje late 80's. I moved away and never went to court. I find myself needing to fly into Ca then on into Mexico. I am a little apprehensive about going, how can I check, do I need to worry.
Depends entirely on the state of California. Theoretically, your name and identifying information should have been...
I had been on probation almost 3 months out of a 6 month stent.
It's difficult to say without knowing all of the facts and circumstances of both of your cases. If the recent case...
My boyfriend is 19 years old and got a DUI couple months back.. He is planning on pleading youthful offender when he goes to court.. Now as i have read according to Ware v. State, 432 So.2d 555 (Ala. Crim. App. 1983) He will undergo a background check.. Will this be just an Alabama background check where he got the DUI or will it be Alabama and Mississippi (where he lived before moving here). Also what kind of penalties is he looking at if found guilty with a youthful offender plea?
If a person is adjudicated as a youthful offender, the primary benefit is having his/her record sealed upon completion...
The 1st dui was 5 yrs ago. The 2nd was 2 yrs ago. I obtained a lawyer, had a jury trial & was found guilty. Have not been sentenced yet. I had drinks at home one night, the next morning got in my car, thinking I was fine. It was raining, I was grieveing over the death of my daughter the yr before. I slid off the road wrecked my car, no person or property was involved. I was dazed, trying to walk home when the parimedics found me and I refused care. The cop found me 45 min after the accident was called in. I was taken to jail, blew a .08, & not allowed to call family. When I was bonded out that night, I was taken to the hosp., & found to have a concusion. My lawyer didn't put me on the stand, and did not give these minimum details. Can I appeal to a higher court?
Follow your lawyer's advise. Do not attempt to second guess your lawyer by seeking online observations that stem from...
Step daughter picked up for dui..then remembered her 2 children were alone in the house..officer said no food in house and horrible living conditions. Baby in need of meds abd none in house.
Your daughter needs a lawyer ASAP. Besides the DUI, she may also have child neglect issues.
this is my first dui.
They will issue a warrant for your arrest,. You should turn yourself in and ask for a new court date. You may have to...