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my injuries have yet to be corrected nor will they return our calls, now they call and say insurance company we are going after has just filed bankruptcy. What does that have to do with us they were not in bankrupt when the accident occured now what am i suppose to do??
If the lawyer won't return your calls, get a new lawyer who will.
He also has a warrant for a littering ticket. They arrested him yesterday. What will happen to him now? He just got out end of last yr.
If he's released from jail, he should reengage his P.O. It's never a good idea to miss appointments with your P.O......
Most lawyer websites list prior trials for DWIs with outcomes of "dismissal." My case is "better" than some that I've read, but my lawyer told me the case will not be dismissed - we can only try for "not guilty" then get the record expunged. Why would he say I would not get dismissed, if prior trials with BACs much worse than my were dismissed? Or, do the terms "dismissed" and "not guilty" go hand-in-hand? I had to submit 2 breath samples at the station, the first registered as 0.07, and the second as 0.13.
Often times, especially with DWI cases, the lawyer has to at least be ready to take the case to a jury before the...
I was charged with a DWI and placed on 18 months of probation. i violated by not reporting so my probation is possibly going to be revoked but ive already spent 39 days in jail waiting to get sentenced for the DWI
Pretty good chances. They might just revoke and sentence you, and you could get up to the max of a year.
Facing DWI charges in Denton county, Tx. My B.A.C. Blood test results came back at .111. I'm thinking about bringing it up to a jury trial but was wondering what are the consequences if I lose? It's my first and only offense. Will the punishment be more harsh than just taking a deal with the D.A.? Any jail time?
It's hard to guess. For starters, we don't know what offer the DA is making. But if this is your first offense, then...
I was in concert and my friend gave me something to drink I don't knew what was that because that was the first time I drunked. And police arrest me and I was in jail for that whole night and they took my finger print too. Please help me to solve this problem I am going US Army after this year after my graduate and I don't want this problem to stop me from being someone in my life. Please help me I'm worried :(
You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your options and available defenses. Good luck.
This is for job interviews with background checks conducted
No I don't believe this is an option for you. Available for deferred adjudication.