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Admitting to drinking to cop during DWI stop??? Open container found at 2:00 am in vehicle. Proof beyond reasonable doubt.
If you are pulled over and investigated for DWI and the cop asks about how much you had to drink and you first respond "a couple" then he asks again and you respond "enough or quite a bit" how hard will it be for the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt you are intoxicated? Cop did not ask when you had your first drink, he did not ask when you had your last drink, he did not ask if you had eaten, He did not ask if you had slept since last drink, He did not ask what kind of bevarages were consumed. There was no breath test nor field sobriety test as they were declined. Will the State be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt, solely based on the above information, intoxication. How will a good attorney be able to help with this?
Texas DAs are successful in prosecuting DWI every day without this information. In fact, it would have been very...
Can a criminal defense attorney find out who the state has subponea for a criminal case (DWI) --- Texas
Can a individual find out who the state has subponeaed to testify against them in their trial?
Generally speaking yes. Normally an application for a subpoena is issued by the court and placed in the court's file (...
DWI Arrest in Texas – How does probable cause work?
It seems like an officer can pull you over for something as small as drifting onto a lane marker. If that’s the case, how do DWI’s get dismissed? Does the judge decide? Does the judge look at video or the report to make their decision? I've also read that many DWI cases have been dismissed because of probable cause, due to a motion to suppress. How does this work? I've done a lot of reading and I know that many DWI’s are challenged on the officer’s probable cause for the initial traffic stop. From what I've read, it seems that probable cause can be something as simple as drifting onto (not even across) the lane marker, or an unsafe lane change. In my case, I exited the freeway and went across the lanes to the far right. Thanks in advance for your time.
"Probable cause" is pretty much in the eye of the beholder. Cops don't think that the standard is very high, and many...
State of Texas County Jurisdiction Law - DWI Charge
This is the case... I was traveling on and exited an interstate in XYZ County. At that time XYZ sherriffs deputy stated that I made an unsafe lane change and he activated his video camera. XYZ sherriffs deputy continued to follow me 2.5 miles with camera on claiming various traffic violations such as drifting on to the white line (not crossing it), abrupt stops at stop signs (these alleged traffic violations are not seen on video). The XYZ county sherrifs deputy continued to follow ACROSS the county line into ABC County. Once into ABC County, XYZ sherriffs deputy continued to follow me for approximately 3/4 of a mile into a residential neighborhood through three stop sighns and intersections and turned on his lights at the third intersection at which time I promptly pulled over. The deputy walked up to the truck saw open container and asked me to get out of the vehicle and if I know why he pulled me over, I told him I didn't and he never provided an answer. The officer then requested me to do field sobriety, I refused and he arrested me. I was taken from ABC County and booked in XYZ County by XYZ Sherriffs Deputy. There was never an ABC County sherriffs deputy present. At XYZ County I refused the breathalyzer as well. Also, the XYZ deputy noted on his report that the arrest was in XYZ County. Clearly the arrest was in ABC County. What bering will this have? How does jurisdiction work and where is hot pursuit considered? What are the laws? Was there probable cause?
More information is required, because you don't say what the offense was. It appears that DWI is being alleged, but not...
If I ditched my car to avoid dui charges, will I ensue other charges if I go pick my vehicle up?
I got my car stuck in a ditch and I had to ditch my car because I had a few drinks before the happening. It was towed to a storage and towing facility.
It is possible that you may face charges of leaving the scene of an accident, if you admit to driving, but that is...
DUI Interlock System Requirement
I was arrested for a DUI in the state of TX and it appears as though I will be required to install an interlock system as part of my probation. I have two cars, one of which is my commute car with the other being mostly a weekend car. I really don't like the idea of installing this on my car and was wondering if it is possible to just install on my commute car and not drive the other? I have no intentions of driving without it but don't want to have to do both when I can just limit my driving to one.
The order will state that you are not to drive a vehicle unless it is equipped with an interlock device. You only need...
My husband got a DUI in Gregg Co. But he was already on probation for a DUI in San Patricio Co. Now there is a MTR.
He was returning home from a working trip and after dropping off a co-worker in Longview he drank (he was sober for 5.5 years.) His favorite brother-in-law had died suddenly while he was on his working trip, if this matters. He came home and did okay for a little while with probation, however they finally gave him an MTR. I believe that one time traces of alcohol were found in his urine. At any rate he is in San Patricio jail waiting on his hearing. He has 2 attorneys, one for the DUI (Gregg Co.) and one for the MTR (San Patricio Co.). His attorney here says that he is working on a workable solution with the other attorney that will satisfy both counties. I will testify for him at his hearing. My question is this what can I expect at this hearing? What are the different kinds of Rehab?
San Patricio county likes to use their RTC facility. (Residential Treatment Facility) It's an inpatient facility where...