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  • Gun-toting burglar who led police on foot chase face...

    Nov 17, 2014 | via The Jersey Journal 

    FLORENCE - A 24-year-old Florence man who led police on a foot chase Sunday morning after he allegedly broke into a house carrying a gun faces multiple charges, police said. Rashawnn Alexander has been charged with burglary, criminal mischief, possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon by a certain person, possession of weapon for unlawful purpose, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, terroristic threats and possession of a controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia, police said.


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Nobody was injured and no accident in any of my cases
From your facts it appears that you are eligible for a step-down reduction in the penalties, to those of a second DWI....
I was high during the accident and had very little car insurance. I have no job and don't really own anything. Can I file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Debt for personal injury caused by you while driving when under the influence cannot be discharged during bankruptcy.
my husband had his first dwi 29 years ago , second one was 18 yrs ago , 3rd was 12 years ago and one about a year ago which they counted as his 3rd one , he lost lic in nj for 10 years , is there anyway possible he can get a restriced lic in nj for work and taking care of his elderly mother , he has since took class stop drinking , was in rehab , church , etc and gets tested all the time .....
No he cannot get a restricted use license.
He was arrested for a dui and charged for a tier 1 dui as a 1st offense and only 3 month suspension. Since his daca doesn't expire until this October, is there any way he can still be considered? He is a good hard working person! Everyone makes mistakes and I can't believe how many US citizens can get away with worse crimes and still be forgiven in society but one terrible mistake for an unfortunate person and their whole life shatters. Is there any hope? Please?
It is not entirely clear to me either way that a traffic offense of DWI would be a disqualifier. Speak with a...
I got an underage drinking citation when I was 18 in NJ. I got it knocked down to an ordinance but recently got a separate underage drinking citation in PA at the age of 20. Will my NJ record impact my punishment from the judge in PA?
not if you received an ordinance in the initial offense.
I was homeless and living in my truck at that time. My officer said I could move to NJ with family where I had stability. I had difficulty getting into classes and violated. I eventually got the classes done and filed in Florida, but not the required community service. Public defender in Florida advised me that it would not be accepted because it was worked in NJ. I was also advised that I may be charged with felony absconding even though I had permission to move. I only see a no extradite VOP active. I now have a full time job, my own home, and a life in NJ. Is there any way for me to resolve this without going to Florida and turning myself in?
This question needs to be addressed to a FL attorney
I am supposed to turn myself in to do 10 days jail time for driving on a DUI suspended in NJ. Later this month. I have a family emergency and find myself needed to move to Florida ASAP. What would happen if I moved and did not serve my jail time?
You'll get a bench warrant, and when you get picked up on it in the future you may serve more than 10 days in jail.